AC Delco vs Moog Shock Absorbers

The shock absorber is a major suspension system component. It guarantees that the car’s tires stay in touch with the road surface by controlling the contact and rebounding movement of the car’s springs as well as suspension. On the other hand, Strut is a structural component of the suspension system that is found on practically front-wheel-drive vehicles. Are you looking for the best shocks or struts? Read this AC Delco vs Moog review with comparison.

AC Delco vs Moog Table

This table will help you understand which shock absorber is better suited for your vehicle – AC Delco or Moog.

AC Delco


Installing Position Rear Position

Installing Position Front Position

Design And Verification To Fulfill Fit And Function Maintaining OE Quality

Manufactured With Maintaining OE-quality Design

Chrome Piston Rod With Mandrel Tubing Ensure Excellent Durability

High Quality Steel Materials And Premium Coating Ensure Product Durability

Easy To Install And Because It Includes Everything That You Need.

Completely Assembled For Easy Installation.

This Shock Ensures Comfortable Ride By Improving Control And Resistance

Premium Quality Coil Spring Reduce Vibration And Ensure A Smooth Driving.

24 Month Parts Warranty

36 Month Warranty

Heavy Duty, Arc Welded End Mounts For Maximum Strength

Top Plate Tested Improve Vehicle Dynamics & Provide Smoother Ride

Suitable For Passenger Car, SUV, Vans and Light-Truck

Design For Car, SUV, Light Truck and Others

Build Quality

For every Shock Absorber, its build quality is a major factor and plays an important role. These two brands are committed to providing better and quality products to the customers. No! This is not only our assurance; if you look at the build quality of these 2 Shock Absorbers, you will understand yourself.

ACDelco Professional Shock Absorber and MOOG Strut and Coil Spring, both of these two shocks are made of high-quality materials like chrome steel. The steel part of these two shocks also has a premium coating. The overall build quality of these two shocks absorber is excellent.

Product Lifespan

One of the hallmarks of a good and high-quality Shock Absorber is its long-term performance, i.e., extended life span. As a reputed manufacturer, these two brands are working to ensure the durability of their products. In the beginning, we said that these 2 Shock Absorbers are made with high-quality material and follow OE quality design.

Made with high-quality materials, these two shocks ensure better durability. Moreover, due to the use of high-quality coating on steel materials, they are able to resist corrosion which will further increase the durability of the product.

Installing Position

There are basically two types of Shock absorbers based on the installing position. The rear shock is installed on the rear wheel, and the front shock is installed on the front wheel. ACDelco Professional is a kind of rear Shock Absorber. So, the installing position of this shock is in the rear wheel of the car. On the other hand, MOOG Coil Spring is a kind of front shock. So, you have to install this shock on the front wheel of the car.

Driving Performance

This ACDelco shock is expertly crafted and designed by professionals to satisfy all of your needs. During regular driving situations, technology allows for a smoother and more comfortable ride. Improved overall resistance and control with an O-Ring Piston Seal. A custom-tuned gas charge enhances the vehicle’s comfort and efficiency.

On the other hand, MOOG Strut and Coil Spring also ensure an excellent driving experience. Instead of Premium Gas-Charged, this shock comes with premium quality Coil Spring Assembly that reduces road vibration and provides comfort and a smooth ride.

Overall Control

Both of these 2 Shock Absorbers are able to provide excellent control to the car. However, in this case, ACDelco Shock will be a bit ahead of Moog. As it is made using gas pump technology with high-quality materials, it can provide better control. In addition, it can withstand the pressure of your car and the road shaking to give the vehicle better braking, steering, and overall control.

However, in this case, MOOG Strut and Coil Spring are not far behind. Premium Quality Coil Spring with high-quality materials is able to carry a load of these Strut s vehicles very well. Moreover, it provides better control to the car by reducing vibration.


Guarantee and Warranty play an essential role in every Shock Absorber. Since the shock is not a cheap product, its Guarantee and Warranty should be long-term. As a reputed and reliable manufacturer, ACDelco offers a 24-month parts warranty on all kinds of shocks. This warranty policy is good enough for a customer.

On the other hand, Moog Shock will be a bit ahead of ACDelco in terms of Warranty. As a popular manufacturer, Moog offers 36 months Warranty on all kinds of shocks and struts. It will be a plus point for MOOG Strut and Coil Spring.

Final Thought

Shocks and struts are a key and an essential kit for the vehicle’s suspension system. This AC Delco vs Moog review and comparison highlights all the most significant variables and features you should consider before purchasing new shocks and struts. So, if you are looking for the best shocks or struts set, this article will be helpful for you.

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