Continental Crosscontact LX20 Vs Michelin LTX MS2 Tire

Are you looking for the perfect tire for your car in all seasons and on all roads? Continental crosscontact lx20 and Michelin ltx ms2 are two tires that give you better driving performance in any season and on any road. These tires ensure better traction and braking on both dry roads as well as on wet roads. Read this review of Continental crosscontact lx20 and Michelin ltx ms2 and choose the best all-season tire for your car.

Crosscontact LX20 Vs LTX MS2 Table

The Continental Crosscontact LX20 and Michelin LTX MS2 are two popular options that have many similarities as well as differences. Read on to learn more about them so that you can make an informed decision when it comes time to buy!

CrossContact LX20

Michelin LTX M/S2

Speed Rating T

Speed Rating H

Best Suited For Winter Season

All Season Tyre

In Load Index Rating This Tyer Score 111

Load Index Rating For Is 113

Tread Depth is 11 32nds

Tread Depth is 10.5 32nds

Top Speed Of This Tyres is 116 Mph

Top Speed Of This Tyres is 130 Mph

It Offer 70000 Miles Warranty With 60 Days Trial

Its Offer 70000 Miles Warranty

Maximum Load Capacity Is 2403 Pounds

This Tyres Can Take Maximum Load Of 2304 Pounds

Best For Light Truck, SUV And Crossover

Best Suited For Truck, Van And SUV

Continental Crosscontact LX20

The Continental lx20 tire is designed to provide better driving performance in any season on any highway. Inside the groove of this tire are added gripping teeth that trap the snow for better grip and ensure better braking on wet roads.

Crosscontact lx20 features EcoPlus Technology to deliver superior wet braking performance, long wear, and improved fuel economy. With Tg-OF polymers, EcoPlus Technology decreases rolling resistance, resulting in increased fuel efficiency and fewer CO2 emissions.

Four outer grooves have been added to a balanced trading design on these tires, which improves traction on both wet and snow-covered roads. Trier’s Smooth Response Technology is also excellent for minimizing road noise and improving overall ride quality.

The Build-in Traction Groove Technology of this tire improves winter grip. The traction, fuel efficiency, and quiet ride make the tire the best option for light trucks, SUVs, and crossovers. Two steel belts are connected to the interior of the tire, ensuring its strength and durability.

The Continental lx20 comes with 70000 miles limited warranty and 60 days trial opportunity. It also offers 3 years of Roadside Assistance.


  • Exceptional Braking and Wet traction.
  • Provides Smooth, Comfortable, and quiet ride.
  • Built-in rim protector to prevent accidental damage.
  • Its Off-road traction is better than conventional touring tires.


  • Some drivers have claimed that this tire has a vibration issue.

Michelin LTX MS2 Review

The Michelin LTX MS2 tires provide comfortable and quiet ride performance in all conditions, even with light snow. These tires use high-density silica in the tread to increase the power of the tire to provide better constant action on any surface.

The LTX MS2 is a high-performance tire capable of providing good driving performance on dry, wet, and even rainy roads. Whether driving a truck, van, or SUV, these tires will give you the best performance. These tires feature the latest trade design for years of hassle-free use.

The presence of silica on the inside of the tire further improves the braking distance of the vehicle on wet roads. Zig-zagged 3D Sips enhance tire surface area by improving performance. These tires make the best patch of contact with a wet road to ensure good breaking.

The tire has four wide grooves around it that increase traction and braking. Max-Touch technology ensures ride comfort by eliminating road noise and providing smoother ride quality. The steel belt attached to the inside of the tire has increased the strength and durability of the two tires.

This tire comes with a 70000 miles limited warranty from the manufacturer for treadwear. It also offers 6 years standard warranty from the purchase date.


  • Provides good traction on dry and wet surfaces.
  • Ensures better acceleration, cornering, and braking.
  • Provides excellent ride comfort by reducing road noise.


  • This tire is not suitable for snow-covered roads.

What Is Speed Rating?

The speed rating defines the maximum speed at which tires can transport loads under specific operating conditions. Symbolizes the A through Z approved speed ratings of a tire. The highest speed at which a tire is entirely safe is described using this rating system. This, however, does not reflect a tire’s overall performance.

Which Is Better, H or T-Rated Tires?

T and H speed ratings indicate a speed rating of the tire at which the tire can be driven safely. The upper limit of a tire with a T speed rating is 116 miles, which means it is safe to drive at a maximum speed of 116 mph. Again, the upper limit of a tire with an H speed rating is 130 miles, which means it is safe to drive at a maximum speed of 130 mph. T-tires with an H speed rating can be driven safely and quickly. Judging from this, H-rated tires are better than T-rated tires.

What Are the Benefits of a Winter Tire?

Winter tires feature a soft rubber material that stays flexible when the temp drops, allowing them to better adapt to the road for greater control. They also feature distinctive tread designs with larger grooves that provide channels to drain water and eject snow, enhancing grip on snow and ice.

What Causes Tire Irregular Wear?

A variety of factors can contribute to irregular tire wear. Scuffing tires and Krebs repeatedly, incorrect steering, aggressive driving, tire over-or under-inflation, and worn suspension elements are only a few of the causes. There is no one solution since there are so many factors. Tires should be examined for signs of wear regularly and changed as needed.

Are Michelin or Continental tires worth the money?

It is well worth the money spent on Michelin and Continental tires. Not only do Michelin and Continental tires have cutting-edge technology, but they are also the most durable and long-lasting. Both of these tire manufacturers have the ability to improve driving performance in any season and on any road. With these two brands, you can’t go wrong.


Both the tires mentioned above are capable of providing good driving skills in all seasons. These tires are capable of providing better traction and braking in both wet and dry road conditions. However, the Continental crosscontact lx20 tire will provide better performance for snow-covered roads than the Michelin ltx ms2. In other situations, Continental crosscontact lx20 vs Michelin ltx ms2 acts as an alternative.

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