Cooper AT3 vs ST Maxx Tire

Have you ever suffered when driving your vehicle? The reason behind your suffering was selecting poor vehicle tires. Lack of grip, wet and dry traction primarily determine the performance of your vehicle tire. You can choose the Cooper AT3 or ST Maxx as your vehicle tire. Let’s figure out which one of these two will be preferable for your vehicle.

Why Compare

Cooper AT3 and ST Maxx are two vehicle tires owned by the same mother company Cooper. These two tires are worth promising in different features. These two are designed to meet the demand for other vehicles. All qualities will not be found in one product, and this is impossible also. As a reason, the comparison table between these two tires is given below to find out their failings and benefits.

Cooper AT3

ST Maxx

Tire Size LT285/75R16

Tire Size LT255/85R16

Designed for Snow Road

Designed for Dry regions

Tread Depth 17 MM

 Tread Depth 18.5 MM

High Shredding Protection Ability

Capable Of Better Stone Retention

Speed Rating "S"

Speed Rating "Q"

Snow Groove Technology Makes Helpful For Snow Road

Hybrid 4-3 Thread Block Pattern Helps Drive On Rough Surface

Built For Heavy Hauling & Towing

Armor Tek3 Technology Provides Incredible Tread Durability

60,000 Mile Treadwear Warranty

Comes With A Standard Limited Warranty

Preferable with Sedan, SUV, Pickup Truck

Preferable With Light Trucks, Pickups

Features of Cooper AT3

While driving your vehicle off roads, the tire faces solid substances like rocks, sharp materials that shred the tire that decrease the tire’s lifetime. Cooper AT3 is designed with high shredding protection ability, which tramps through those hard substances and you get a perfect driving in off roads and rough surfaces.

Tire Design

Cooper AT3 provides an eye-catching design along with the grooves in it. With these nicely and technically designed grips, this tire can respond to sudden braking, acceleration of the vehicle, quick steering and turning both in smooth and rough surfaces. For this reason, people usually choose the Cooper AT3 tire for their vehicle wheel.

Snow Groove Technology

Developed by Snow Groove Technology, the Cooper AT3 tire contains severe grips. In icy roads, the road surface does not include grooves, as a result of which the friction between the vehicle tire and the road surface is also less there. This will increase the possibility of an accident during the acceleration of the vehicle as the driver would not be able to stop the vehicle. For this reason, the Cooper AT3 tire will be helpful on those roads.

Treadwear Protection

Usually, the treadwear of a tire means how long a tire can last. On average, from 50000 miles to 70000 miles is considered as a standard tread wear rate. The Cooper AT3 tire is capable of providing 65000 miles of treadwear protection to the vehicle.


  • This tire is lightly weighted compared to the other conventional vehicle tires.
  • Developed by Snow Groove Technology.
  • It prevents shredding while driving on snow.
  • Gives good performance in all-terrain.


  • Price may not be affordable to most of the customers.

Features of ST Maxx Tire

Usually, in the dry regions, there is more dirt on the road than usual. The ST Maxx version of Cooper tires gets a new feature that provides better performance than the other tires on dry roads. Thus the ST Maxx vehicle tire offers you better performance in the off streets.

Dual Draft Groove Walls

The ST Maxx vehicle tire is capable of better stone retention and cutting. The dual groove walls are used in that tire to provide more performance to the vehicle. The grooves are nonparallel, which greatly helps in perfect gripping with the road surface as a result of which the tire gets good chipping ability than the conventional vehicle tires.

Better Durability

The durability of a thing depends upon how long that thing can last and gives better performance. This factor is one of the most crucial factors for choosing the better tire for your vehicle because changing the tire eventually costs more money than expected. For this reason, to save your monetary loss, the Cooper tire brand specially designed the ST Maxx version, which has more capability of giving better durability.

Tread Block Pattern

The ST Maxx vehicle tire comes with a hybrid 4-5 tread block pattern that contains an unparalleled groove that helps drive on rough surfaces. On the off roads, the stones cause most of the damages to the tire by stone retention. The ST Maxx resists the cutting and chipping caused by the stone.


  • Contains stone ejector.
  • Featured with unparalleled groove.
  • Useful in off-road driving.
  • Resists the chipping and cutting by the stone.


  • Not recommended for all vehicles.

Is The Cooper At3 Tire Good In Snow?

The Cooper AT3 tire is developed by using Snow Groove Technology. This gives a tremendous performance on the snow. For this reason, you can easily have your trust in this tire if you frequently drive on the snow.

What Is A St Maxx Vehicle Tire?

The Cooper ST Maxx vehicle tire is three-ply. This increases the strength of the tire, reducing the damage during the collision on the hard surfaces. Thus this 3 ply vehicle tire is capable of giving the best durability for your light trucks and pickups.


Hope that you have got the difference between these two vehicle tires. These two contain different features as the same mother company Copper makes them. So, when you buy any one of these two tires, at first meet up your vehicle’s specific needs.

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