Cooper ATW vs AT3 Tire

Sometimes for your necessity, you need to take your vehicle off roads. The off roads are not preferable to most of the vehicle tires as the hard substances penetrate through the tire and thus the leakage ruins your money. So, if you need to go off roads then Cooper ATW or Cooper AT3 will be preferable choices for you.

Why Compare

Though AT3 and ATW are produced by the same mother company Cooper, these two have different features with each other. Basically these two are designed for fulfilling different needs of various vehicles. For this reason to figure out which one will be more preferable with your vehicle and the terrain where you mostly drive your vehicle, the comparison table is provided below.

Cooper ATW

Cooper AT3

Tire Size LT265/70R17

Tire Size LT265/70R16

Max load 3,195 (lbs)

Max load 3,195 (lbs)

Load Index 116

Load Index 121

Developed by Snow Groove 2.0 Technology

Developed by Whisper Groove Technology

Provides Better Service on Wet Roads

Provides Better Service in Dry Roads

Gives Better Performance On Deep Snow Roads

Good Performance On Deep Snow Roads

Improve Traction In Below Freezing Temperature And Dry Condition

Helps Ire To Climb Up Stones And Low Through Mud

50,000 Mile Tread Warranty

60,000 Mile Treadwear Warranty

Suitable SUV & Pickup Truck

Light Truck, Lifted, Leveled, Extra-large Pickup

Features of Cooper ATW

Due to being hybrid built by the latest technology, the Cooper ATW vehicle tire comes with enhanced abilities. These abilities make the tire withstand the winter weather and enhance its performance in those weathers.

Snow Groove 2.0 Technology

As the Snow Groove 2.0 technology develops this tire, this vehicle tire provides the best efficiency rate in all weather conditions. Usually, on slippery roads in the snow, the tire slips, which increases the possibility of a road accident. The Cooper ATW tire is capable of decreasing the likelihood of slipping in the ice.

Corrugated Sipped

This is a remarkable feature of this vehicle tire. This tire contains unparalleled grooves in its body for perfect gripping on the road surface whether the road is wet or dry, whether there is the stone in the street, this tire tracks through those roads with proper gripping.

Weather Performance

In the case of rainy weather, the roads become completely wet. Water fills up the gaps of the road surface, thus reducing the friction ability. In addition, the extended grooves of the Cooper ATW prevent the rate of hydroplaning of the vehicle tire. Thus gives better performance.


  • Gives a safe journey.
  • Provides good durability.
  • Preferable for all-terrain.
  • Provides better speed rating.
  • Reduce the noise produced by the collision between tire and road during the travel.


  • On the highway, may produce harsh noise

Features of Cooper AT3

The gripping ability of the Cooper AT3 tire is slightly upgraded than the other standard vehicle tires available in the automotive industry. Because of the rugged lug build in it, and the super groove tech contains better gripping ability in all-terrain.


Durability is one of the most popular features of this vehicle tire because this tire is preferable for all-terrain. It is also durable in those terrains. This makes the customers willing to buy this tire to get a long-lasting service.

Noise Reduction

People remain unhappy with the noise that is produced during their journey through that vehicle. The friction between the tire and the road surface makes this noise. The Cooper AT3 tire can reduce this noise than the other conventional vehicle tires and give a quiet journey.

All Terrain Tire

As I mentioned before, all-terrain tires are equally demanded by the customers, like the off-road tires. The Cooper AT3 is an all-terrain tire developed by the Cooper tire company. If you want a perfect journey in all-terrain, then you can buy this tire.


  • Gives a surprising performance on the highway.
  • Developed for all-terrain.
  • Better traction on the off-road surfaces.
  • Contains unparalleled grooves.
  • It prevents chipping through the stones.


  • Price may not be affordable.

Are These Two All-terrain?

These two are not all-terrain. Only the Cooper AT3 is designed for all terrains. On the other hand, the Cooper ATW tire is mainly developed to provide the best performance on the off roads.

Which One of the Cooper ATW and Cooper AT3 is the Best?

The answer will differ according to your needs. For example, if you want a durable tire for your off-road driving, you can choose Cooper ATW, but if you need medium service in all-terrain, you can smoothly go with Cooper AT3.

How Often Should I Check The Tire Pressure On The Vehicle Wheel?

According to the experts, the minimum range is about one month. But you can check this regularly after taking the advice of the automobile engineers or the service providers of your vehicle. By maintaining this regularity, you will get a durable tire.

Which Tire Between These Two Had The Better Traction On The Off Roads?

If you have read this article, you definitely got the idea about traction on road surfaces. Of course, these two have better traction abilities. But the Cooper ATW has better traction on the off-roads because this tire is designed by maintaining the specific needs of the off-road tires.


It sounds great as these two tires are worth promising in particular vehicles. But, unfortunately, most of the tires are not capable of delivering to your satisfaction. Luckily we have got these two from a world-renowned brand for providing you best support in all-terrain. But, finally, the decision will depend upon you, what you will choose.

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