Cooper MTP vs STT Pro Tire

These high-quality tire models come with an aggressive tread pattern and a unique sidewall design that ensure optimal traction no matter the weather or terrain you find yourself in – from snow to rain to rock fragments! With these tires at your disposal, traversing any landscape is easier.

Cooper MTP vs STT Pro Table

Cooper tires are an excellent option for anyone needing to replace them. They come in various sizes and offer different performance levels, so it is important to know what you need before buying.

Cooper MTP


Tire Size LT285/75R16

Tire Size LT235/85R16

Load Index Rating 126

Load Index Rating 120

Tread Depth 18.5 (MM)

Tread Depth 19 (MM)

Max Load 3750

Max Load 3750

Deliver Excellent Off-road & Mud Capability

Outstanding Wet And Dry Off-road Conditions Performance

Capable Dry Traction

Excellent Grip Through Mud Capability

Anti-Stone Retention

Stone Armor Technology Helps Defend

Against Sharp Rocks And Debris

Improved Stability & Control In Wet Conditions

Rock Climber Sidewall Technology Helps

Conquer The Toughest Obstacles

Build For Light Mud Truck, Jeep Wrangler

Suitable For Light MudTruck, Truck,  Jeep Wrangler

Cooper Discoverer MTP Tire

  • The Cooper Discoverer MTP is a high-performance off-road tire with a deep tread pattern for aggressive traction and excellent braking. The strong sidewall design of this tire provides extreme durability with cuts and resistance to abrasion in any condition.
  • This tire’s tread compound has a treacherous pattern with blocks and alternate scallops glued to the shoulder. This improves the tire’s effectiveness on rugged terrain and its grip in soft dirt, sand, and mud. Additional variable depth sipes enhance traction on snow-covered roads.
  • The tire’s sidewall is 2-ply, which can give some of the advantages of a 3-ply in some circumstances while also helping to prevent cuts, abortions, and wounds. The stone-displacing ribs also aid in the removal of boulders and small stones from the trading block.
  • These tires feature MTP bigger trade blocks and chambered sidewalls to provide better driving performance on the highway or off-road. This enhances driving performance while also assisting the tires to achieve more stability and overall control.
  • This tire comes with a certain tread warranty from the manufacturer. The first 2/32 inch of tire constancy is guaranteed, and materials and craftsmanship are guaranteed for five years, with free tire replacement included within the first 2/32 inch of wear.


  • Well-mannered tires on the highway.
  • The Treadwear of this tire is outstanding.
  • This tire provides excellent winter performance.


  • The 2-ply sidewall may be a concern.

Cooper STT Pro Tire

  • The stt pro tire is Cooper’s most advanced and best off-road tire ever built. stt pro tires provide exceptional traction and performance in any harsh region. The distinctive trade design and composite can provide better performance off-road.
  • The advanced silica and carbon black tread composition of this tire, along with 3-ply Armor-Tech 3 resistance, helps to prevent damage and provides 50% more protection. The outer sidewalls of this tire are intended to give more grip and traction on various surfaces.
  • The STT Pro features deep trade blocks that are essential for off-road adventures. Mud logs have also been placed on the tire logs to remove mud. On the other hand, the distinctive scoops of the loose outer mouth improve traction.
  • The 3-2 rib pattern’s alternate sizes, angles, and several ribs around the tread are meant to cancel out excess road noise. Flex Grooves also reduce the jarring impacts of potholes and bumps on the road, resulting in a smoother, more stable ride.
  • This tire comes with the first 2/32 inch of tire constancy guaranteed by the manufacturer, and materials and craftsmanship are guaranteed for five years, with free tire replacement included within the first 2/32 inch of wear.


  • It provides better handling on wet/snow-covered surfaces.
  • Excellent off-road performer, particularly on a rock.
  • Aggressive and deep tread block design.
  • This tire ensures 50% more protection.


  • This tire is relatively expensive.

What Are off-Road Tires Good For?
Off-road tires with more intense tread patterns provide excellent wheel grip in the most intense terrain, particularly wet snow, and mud. They’re also extremely robust, having thicker sidewalls that can withstand the impact of pebbles and other off-road dangers.

Can You Use Off-Road Tires on the highway?
Off-road tires are specially designed for off-road driving. However, these tires can be used on off-road and highway roads. However, one thing to keep in mind is that off-road tires have deep tread patterns on tires and treads on the side walls to give extra road. This is why they can generate extra noise and tremors while walking on the highway.

Are off-Road Tires Noisy?
Off-road tires are specially designed to adapt to the off-road surface. The thread block of this tire is more than that of other tires. Moreover, there are sidewall designs and variations of off-road tires. The air pressure of these tires is also kept relatively high which is why these tires create extra noise and jolting while driving on the highway.

When Should off-Road Tires Be Replaced?
Your car’s tires should be replaced at the right time to keep your vehicle efficient. When the running depth of the tire reaches 2/32 inches, it is considered degraded. If you drive your truck on a wet road, their replacement should be considered when the truck’s tires reach a running depth of about 4/32 inches.

Final Thought
These two off-road tires reviewed above can improve your performance in Off-road Adventurer. However, stt pro will perform better than Cooper mtp because it has more aggressive tread pattern features. Moreover, these two tires will provide good traction on the off-road surface of rocks, mud, and tree trunks.

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