Cooper RTX vs AT3 Tire

Most American vehicles are not affordable with regular tires. The seasonal diversity determines the on-road and off-road traction and the high performance of the tires. Luckily, we have two world-renowned branded tires, Cooper RTX and Cooper AT3, for American vehicles. With the masculine design used in these two, you will love their features a lot. So let’s go and figure out the specialties of these two.

Cooper RTX vs AT3

Cooper RTX

Cooper AT3

Tire Size 225/75R16

Tire Size LT285/75R16

Load index Rating 120

Load index Rating 121

Load Capacity 3042 Pounds

Load Capacity 3200 Pounds

Excellent On And Off Road Traction

Excellent Wet Traction Performance

Tread Depth 16 32nd

Tread Depth 16.5 32nds

Preferable for SUV and Trucks

Preferable For Pickups And Trucks

It Contains A Stone Ejector For Ejecting The Stones Attached To The Tire

Contains Additional Grooves For The Dirt Removal

Standard Limited Warranty

60,000 Mile Treadwear Warranty

Repels Stones, Rocks, And Debris Reduced Road Noise, Improved Fuel Mileage Year-round

Excellent For Off Road Riding Performance In Any Road On Any Weather

Features of Cooper RTX

Developed by the Discoverer RTX Technology, Cooper RTX tire is specially designed for SUVs and trucks. This tire is slightly bigger than the other conventional vehicle tires available in the automobile industry. It provides high traction abilities; this tire is worth promising to use in your SUV or truck.

All Season Tire
If you need to drive your vehicle throughout the year, then you will select an all-season tire because most of the tires are designed for specific seasons and maintain the necessities. For example, the Cooper RTX is an all-season tire developed by Cooper. Therefore, you can get better performance in any season using this.

Quiet Driving
One of the most disgusting stuff for passionate drivers is the road noise created during driving because whether they are chilling with the vibes, this noise ruins that. So if you want less noise while driving, Cooper RTX will be a perfect choice.

Self Cleaning
This is a remarkable feature of this vehicle tire. When you drive on off-roads or dirty roads, the dirt gets attached to the tire’s grooves which seems disgusting. The lateral grooves with the Cooper RTX tire can remove the stains attached to the tire when you drive fast.


  • It Provides better traction on the road and off roads.
  • It contains ejectors capable of ejecting stones attached to the tire.
  • It Increases snow traction during the winter season.
  • It Removes the dirt from the tire easily.
  • Friction sound is reduced by the sound barrier used in it.


  • Only suitable for some of the terrain.

Features of Cooper AT3

Being developed with Durable tread technology, the Cooper AT3 tire is suitable for light trucks and pickups. In addition, this tire can provide up to 65000 miles of treadwear protection which is one of the essential features of this tire. For this reason, this tire is becoming popular day by day.

Quick Responsiveness
The Cooper AT3 tire is very responsive in any terrain. So whether you need instant acceleration, brakes, hauling, etc., you will get this tire as a comfortable and responsive one in all-terrain. The updated technology of this tire makes it responsive to all commands.

Gripping Ability
Most road accidents occur of the lack of grips on the vehicle tires. The clasps used in the vehicle tires gradually decay and thus reduce the gripping ability with the road surface. The durable grips and grooves attached to the Cooper AT3 tire can better grip. Thus this tire reduces the possibility of road accidents significantly.

Better Consistency
One of the crucial facts that most vehicle tires lack is the consistency and durability of the tire. The Cooper AT3 tire is consistent in all-terrain and gives better performance in those terrains for vehicle long-lasting and better performance.


  • Better durability in all terrain.
  • Resists from shredding on the road with stones and gravel surfaces.
  • Tires are more significant than other conventional vehicle tires.
  • For fighting tire punctures, extra grips are specially designed.


  • The price may need to be more affordable.

What is the Whole Meaning of RTX?
RTX stands for Ray Tracing Texel extreme. RTX is a particular tire developed by the Cooper tire company. This tire is an all-season tire giving better performance throughout the year.

How Many Plies is the Cooper RTX Tire?
The Cooper RTX tire is ten plies. It is entirely unknown to us because this tire is used in specific vehicles. For your SUV or trucks, you can easily afford them with this tire.

Which Country Makes Cooper RTX and Cooper AT3 tires?
The Cooper tire company is established in Hangzhou, China. The Cooper RTX tire and Cooper AT3 tire are made in China by the Cooper tire company.

In conclusion, a suggestion for you is to choose the tire matching your vehicle demand with the features of these two tires. Otherwise, the tire which you will choose will not give the performance that you desire. Keep updated with the branded tires of Cooper.

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