Detroit Axle vs ACDelco Shock Absorber

Are you in a dilemma about choosing a perfect shock absorber for your vehicle between Detroit Axle and ACDelco? Then this article is absolutely for you. In this article, I will show you the similarities, dissimilarities, and main vital features between the shock absorbers of Detroit Axle and ACDelco. Again, it is necessary to test vehicle fitment for every part of an automobile. So, without further delay, let’s start our today’s topic.

Detroit Axle vs ACDelco Table

There are many different models available on the market, but which one is best for you? Today we’ll be comparing two popular brands & help you to find the best one.

Detroit Axle

AC Delco

O-ring Used In It Provides Pressure To The Inner Tube

Includes Necessary Attachments To Provide Better Performance

Keeps The Valve Of Your Vehicle Clean From Dirt And Wear

Helps To Absorb And Dampen The Road Input In The Suspension

Exterior Is Painted

Exterior Is Painted

Built Under Strict Quality Control Standards

Tested To Ensure Vehicle Fit And Quality Ride

Tested For Impact, Wear And Fatigue

Hardened Chromed Piston Rod Provides Superb Corrosion Resistance

Calibrated To OEM Specifications

O-Ring Piston Seal that does not allow oil blow-by

Comes With 10 Year Warranty

Come with 24 month Warranty

Preferable For 2005 To 2006 Chevrolet Cobalt ( No Ss), 2006 To 2011 Hhr (No Ss), 2007 To 2009 Pontiac G5, 2003 To 2007 Saturn Ion 

Preferable For 2011 Escalade Luxury, 2010 Yukon Denali, 13 Yukon Denali, 2014 Escalade Esv With Z95, Cadillac Escalade 2011

Why Compare

It is to be painted for all of you that Detroit Axle is a familiar name in the automotive industry for supplying products at affordable prices. And, the product quality is also reputable according to the price. On the other hand, ACDelco provides premium products for the users though the price is not affordable to most of us. So, the problem occurs when you want to buy one product from these two.

Detroit Axle is within an affordable price range. And, though being in a high price range, you will get premium service from ACDelco. For this reason, we are going to compare these two shock absorbers to find out the perfect one for your vehicle.

Main Features

Hereunder the same features, we are going to compare different specifications of the shock absorbers of Detroit Axle and ACDelco. And that will be easy for you to find out the right one according to the features.


Brushings are necessary for a shock absorber to isolate the vibration of the spring compressor. Again it will significantly reduce the friction between the metallic parts of the suspension. The remote reservoir shock absorbers of both Detroit Axle and ACDelco contain brushings. As a result, you will get good service on friction reduction from these two shocks.


These two shock absorbers of Detroit Axle and ACDelco give you a limited lifetime warranty. The shock absorber of Detroit Axle will provide you ten years of warranty. So that for any technical problem of the shock, you will get free repairing except the shipping charges. On the other hand, the shock absorbers of ACDelco will provide you two years of warranty.

The truth is though it seems abnormal to have eight years more warranty from a low priced product than the premium one, these two will be enough for providing better performance in that limited time. But you will get unlimited traveling protection using the shock absorber of ACDelco, where Detroit Axle will provide you a limited traveling warranty. 


Mileage depends on the terrain on which you usually drive your vehicle. On average, a standard shock absorber will provide you at least 20k miles of mileage before replacement. But the Detroit Axle shock absorber will provide you up to 50k miles of mileage protection before further replacement. On the other hand, is a premium shock absorber ACDelco will provide you up to 90k Mike’s of mileage protection before the replacement.

But it may differ for the riding surfaces. Such as: if you drive your vehicle off-road most of the time, you will get less mileage from the shock absorbers than the expected one. And if you drive on smooth surfaces using these shock absorbers, you will get expected mileage protection.


The purchase of a product will depend on the price. For example, the price of the shock absorbers of Detroit Axle is 53.12 US Dollars. And the price of the shock absorber of ACDelco is 261 IS Dollars. That is a huge difference in prices. As a result of which most people can not afford the shock absorbers of ACDelco. But the shock absorbers of Detroit Axle are within the comfort zone of the affordable price list. 

Durability and efficiency

Everyone looks for durable and efficient parts for their vehicle. And, taking this in mind we have presented you with the shock absorbers of Detroit Axle and ACDelco. You will get up to 90% durable performance using the shock absorber of Detroit Axle. And the shock absorber of ACDelco will provide you up to 95% durability.

Unfortunately, no attachment is capable of providing 100% efficiency and durability. But, you will get maximum efficient performance using these two shock absorbers of Detroit Axle and ACDelco.

Inclusion and others

You will get 2× rear shock absorbers from the package of Detroit Axle shock absorbers. And the package of ACDelco contains only one rear shock absorber for your vehicle. You may get anxious whether Detroit Axle is a bad product because it provides you two shock absorbers in less than a hundred dollars.

ACDelco is providing you only one shock absorber in two hundred surplus Dollars. The shock absorber of ACDelco is a premium one and for this reason, it is a high-priced product. And they both are rear shock absorbers.


You have already seen the vehicle fitments of the shock absorbers of Detroit Axle and ACDelco. So, next time you choose a vehicle shock absorber for your automobile, first check whether the part is preferable for your vehicle. And, compare the specifications of each shock absorber of the two brands with the demand of your vehicle. Then, I hope that you have got clear instructions for choosing the right shock absorber for your vehicle.

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