Firestone Destination AT Vs Cooper Discoverer AT3 Tire

The high-quality tire brands were in the game for an extended, long time to recognize how to make high-quality viable tires at the most cost-powerful level. So get the right tires in your automobile, and you’re looking at now, not best a more street-hugging drive with more security management.

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Find the suitable model from the best tire manufacturers, and it can take you far longer than a more budget choice that could imply you come to be saving money over the longer term. So today, I will discuss the two best brand tires, Firestone destination At and Cooper Discoverer AT3.

Firestone AT

Cooper AT3

Tire Size P245/65R17

Tire Size 265/70R17

Excellent Wet Traction

Great All Season performance

Designed To Remove Dirt Easily

Optimized Tread Design And Construction

50,000 Mile Limited Treadwear Warranty

60000 Miles Tread Warranty

Tread Depth 16.5 32nds

Tread Depth 13 32nds

Rim Size 17 Inches

Rim Size 17 Inches

Has 5° Noise Reduction Technology

Maximum Grip And Handling On Wet Roads

Excellent For Off Road Riding Performance In Any Road On Any Weather

Improved Tread-wear And Resist Cracking, Chipping And Tearing

Built For Pickup Truck, Jeep and SUV

Suitable For Nissan Titan, GMC Sierra

Firestone Destination AT Reviews

  • An extreme track compound incorporates L.L. Carbon dark to upgrade wet foothold while additionally expanding generally treadwear. This more tough compound additionally gives better protection from cuts and scraped areas you regularly find rough terrain.
  • The tire’s ceaseless focus rib expands directing reaction and better deals with dry asphalt. At the same time, the more extensive circumferential sections and different sipes convey wet taking care of the execution and decrease the danger of hydroplaning.
  • An off-shoulder track block configuration expands footing on a wide range of landscapes, including mud, while likewise empowering improved execution in deep snow and ice: interlocking track squares and a bit further upgrade mud footing, which is more for this tire.
  • The Destination AT rides smooth and agreeable past driving execution without all the outside sound you frequently find on numerous AT tires. This is expected partially to the improved track plan and 5-degree clamor decrease innovation utilized in the tire. O-globule development adds to ride solace also.
  • Inside the tire, you will discover two high-tractable steel belts to oblige a polyester string body and Firestone’s UNI-T development. The outcome is added strength and solidness, just as expanded ride solace. Sizes are accessible from 14-20 inches, and the track is ensured for a very long time.
  • For on and rough terrain execution with your truck or SUV, the Destination A/T is one of the better tires accessible today. Footing and taking care of on practically any surface is extraordinary.
  • Guiding reaction and feel are magnificent. Suppose you don’t accept that we can pursue precisely the same thing on many driver surveys on this model. The tire essentially remains with the top tires in this class in practically every classification.
  • The lone genuine region where you may discover issues is this current tire’s hold in more profound snow measures. Light to direct is no issue. However, when it truly fires, accumulating, it appears to be the tires battle a piece.
  • Ride solace surpasses assumptions, while the outside sound is negligible. It will give you the sensation of riding on a thruway visiting tire now and again.


  • Probably the best here and there street footing in class
  • Extraordinary directing reaction
  • The ride is agreeable, and the outside sound is almost non-existent
  • Enduring track life
  • Brilliant execution on rough terrain conditions
  • Street hold and taking care of on dry streets is phenomenal
  • Ride not hampered in sloppy condition


  • More profound snow footing could be better
  • Generally speaking Thoughts

Cooper Discoverer AT3 Reviews

  • Tracking down an off-road tire for your truck or SUV that also proceeds on-street as it offs street can frequently be troublesome. However, the new Cooper Discoverer A/T3 has endeavored to do exactly that.
  • The track configuration gives phenomenal dry, wet footing on the expressway yet provides strong execution in changing landscapes when you want to take things off in an unexpected direction.
  • Highlighting not just an alluring track design, it has additionally joined a five ribbed plan to improve soundness and on-street giving. The isolated focus rib increments rough terrain footing and execution while simultaneously creating quality on-street execution.
  • Forceful shoulders include gentler foothold surfaces while additionally making the tire look shockingly better. The thick notches around the boundary of the tire go far in giving added execution also.
  • The Discoverer AT Three has a one-of-a-kind siping structure that is in a crisscross example. The sipes work to significantly diminish outside sound and give the tire all the more even track wear. The sipes additionally help in disposing of stones and rocks and make the track hinders more steady.
  • The similar assurance that the depressions give further help with decreasing stone maintenance outside the tire. This capacity to clean itself is generally noteworthy since it additionally implies that the tire shows a new face to the street each time it cleans itself.


  • Excellent grasp on both dry and wet surfaces, just as in the snow
  • Footing is excellent on rough terrain landscape
  • Tires are shockingly calm on the expressway
  • Oneself wiping system keeps rock out of track channels
  • Current, Aggressive 5-Rib All-Terrain Design.
  • Silica Based Tread Compound
  • Double Draft Tread Element Walls
  • Parallel Groove Protectors


  • Perhaps a touch more costly than standard tires


When searching at manufacturers of tires, all of us has our favorites. But in terms of all-terrain tires, it’s miles higher on occasion to look past the emblem. Be sure to examine the unique tire and what it offers. Sometimes the tires that fit you might not be the most “on-logo” tires.


Price is manifestly an essential thing as well. A set of 4 tires may be pretty luxurious. However, you don’t need to get too reasonably priced of a fixed. Value is crucial with tires, and also you need to make sure you are becoming what you pay for. If the price is a chunk reasonably-priced, it could be wise to look at why it is cheap.


Some other matters to study are if the tire comes with a warranty and how long it lasts. Many tires may be warrantied as much as a particular variety of miles or period in time. This is vital if you grow to be wanting a patch or probably a substitute. Also, maintain an eye open for income, as you can frequently get a good buy for a generally extra steeply-priced set of tires.


The Firestone Destination A/T is designed to convey a mix of rough terrain execution on a wide range of territory, alongside all-year footing and solace on-street and intended for drivers of trucks, SUV’s and vans A/T sports wild great hopes to coordinate with its abilities out and about.

On the other hand, Cooper tires ride to some degree under the radar now and again. This new Discoverer A/T3 has a ton making it work. The grasp on dry or wet streets is incredibly unique among any off-road tire. It rates straight up there with the BFGoodrich All-Terrain T/A KO2 in this class. So,  Firestone Destination A/T and Cooper Discoverer AT3 both have their features, and both are the best.

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