Havoline Synthetic Oil Vs Mobil 1

When choosing between two products, it is important to consider the pros and cons of each. In this blog post, we will discuss some of the key differences between Mobil 1 synthetic oil and Havoline Synthetic Oil. We hope that by reading this post you will have a clearer understanding about which product might be best for your vehicle!

Compare Table

This Table will provide information on the benefits of each type of oil and help guide you to make a decision that is right for your vehicle.


Mobil 1

Viscosity 5W-30

Viscosity 5W-30

Specially Designed For High-mileage Engines

Excellent High & Low-temperature Protection

Wear Protection During All Other Engine Operating Conditions

Protect Critical Engine Parts Up To 10,000 Miles Between Oil Changes

Promotes Long Engine Life

Helps Extend Engine Life By Preventing Damaging Deposits And Sludge Buildup

Easy Cold Weather Starting

Support Quick Cold Weather Starting

Full Synthetic Motor Oils with Deposit Shield Technology

Prevent Damaging Deposits And Sludge Buildup

Reduce Evaporative Oil Loss Compared To Conventional Oils

ILSAC GF-6 Standards Provides Low-speed Pre-ignition & Timing Chain Wear Protection

It Is Especially Suited For The Engines That Have Accumulated 75,000 Miles Or More

Recommended For All Types Of Modern Gasoline-powered Vehicles

Work Well In Turbocharged Gasoline, Flex-fuel Passenger Car Engines, Light Duty Trucks, Vans And Suvs

Suitable For Passenger Cars, Suvs, Light Vans And Light Trucks

Havoline Full Synthetic Motor Oil

  • Havoline 0W-20 ProDS Synthetic Oil is available at immensely reasonable pricing. It can boost the engine’s overall performance immediately after installation by making your automobile smooth and quiet.
  • This Synthetic motor oil is designed with unique shield technology, which primarily protects the highest levels of high output, supercharged and turbocharged performance engines of a fully Synthetic motor car.
  • Designed for use in sports utility cars, luxury or high-performance cars, this Havoline ProDS oil exhibits exceptional heat and shear stability while controlling viscosity. Overall, the oil is designed for high performance and challenging road conditions.
  • Because Havoline oil has outstanding low-temperature qualities, your car will start smoothly in the cold weather. Furthermore, the highly rapid lubrication at the start promotes extended engine life and provides excellent wear prevention under all other running circumstances.
  • Havoline ProDS oil not only meets but surpasses the most recent and stringent American Petroleum Institute protection criteria. Havoline Motor Oil is suggested for four-stroke petrol engines in passenger cars, sport utility vehicles, and light trucks.


  • Excellent for high-performing engines due to Shield Technology.
  • To manage viscosity, this synthetic oil has excellent heat and shear stability.
  • It promotes lower oil consumption and faster lubrication of running parts.
  • Excellent performance prevents deposits at high temperatures.


  • It isn’t the most recent oil, but it’s also not too ancient.

Mobil 1 Full Synthetic Oil

  • Motor Oil is an advanced total synthetic composition that helps preserve oil viscosity stability for extended engine life and a journey of up to 10,000 miles without changing.
  • Advanced Motor Oil from Mobil 1 eliminates impurities by limiting oil flow and progressively lowering horsepower by resisting salads and deposit build-ups. This complete synthetic motor oil maintains a thermal and oxidation stability of 500 degrees Fahrenheit to avoid heat loss.
  • It also keeps its viscosity even when temperatures drop to -30 degrees Fahrenheit, allowing for a faster start to the winter. When the oil begins to develop a somewhat dark brown color, it’s time for an oil change.
  • In addition to keeping your engine clean, it also gives your engine more protection, which helps you increase the engine’s life. Mobil 1 Motor Oil meets the ILSAC GF-6 standard to help keep your engine clean and improve your fuel economy.
  • Mobil 1 Advanced synthetic oil is usable for high-performance turbocharged and injection engines, including supercharged petrol and diesel multi-valve fuels. These are found in modern vehicles, including passenger cars, SUVs, light vans, and light trucks.


  • This synthetic Motor Oil Protects car engines up to 10,000 miles.
  • Excellent anti-wear performance in extreme cold and extreme heat.
  • Provide excellent protection that keeps the engine running like new.
  • Enhance engine efficiency and improve fuel economy.


  • This synthetic oil is not recommended for aviation or 2-cycle engines.

Why Use Synthetic Oil?

Synthetic oil or lubricants are more refined base oils than conventional oils, providing you with better protection and performance. Synthetic engine oil has several advantages that assist keep your engine performing at its best.

Is It Worth It To Use Synthetic Oil?

Synthetic oil is more costly than regular oil, but it provides superior engine protection and durability. Synthetic oil protects your vehicles more effectively, may even extend the life of your engine, and costs just $50 to $80 extra each year for the average driver.

Is Synthetic Oil Better Than Conventional Oil?

Yes, indeed! Synthetic oil is superior to regular oil in terms of engine protection. Although traditional oil can offer enough lubrication, synthetics can outperform conventional oil in overall engine performance and security.

What Is The Advantage Of Using Synthetic Motor Oil?

Using synthetic oils has several advantages. They last longer than regular lubricants and can withstand higher temperatures, allowing engines to run longer. They also tolerate cold temperatures better, reducing engine wear while starting in the cold.

Can I Mix Synthetic And Regular Oil?

Yes, the short answer is yes. If you don’t like it, you may pinch by mixing synthetic oils with regular oils. Motor oils are typically appropriate after mixing since they are manufactured from the same constituents. To preserve the engine’s lifespan, however, this is not suggested.

How To Change Synthetic Oil?

Remove the oil tank cover from your engine and insert an oil cap pan underneath the oil pan at the engine’s start. Next, remove the drain plug in the oil pan at the engine’s bottom to remove the old oil. Make sure the plug doesn’t become stuck in the oil. Next, remove the oil filter and replace it.

Final Thought

So from this havoline synthetic oil vs. Mobil 1 discussion, you can find an effective synthetic oil that will increase the efficiency as well as durability of your engine. If you are short of budget, then 1havoline synthetic oil will be the best choice for you; otherwise, you can take Mobil 1 Advanced Full Synthetic Motor Oil which allows you to run 10,000 miles without any hassle.

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