Hercules AT2 Vs Cooper AT3 Tire

Are you looking for an all-terrain tire with a clean, less aggressive sidewall? Then Hercules at2 or Cooper at3 may be the ideal choice for you. These tires are able to give you more stable performance both off-road and on-road in any weather. Read the details of this Hercules at2 and cooper at3 and choose the best tire for your car.

Hercules AT2 Vs Cooper AT3 Table

Hercules AT2

Cooper AT3

Tire Size 245/75R16

Tire Size 265/70R17

Tread Depth 12 32nds

Tread Depth 14 32nds

Rim Size 17 Inches

Rim Size 17 Inches

Load Capacity 2679 Pounds

Load Capacity 3195 Pounds

60,000 Miles Tread Warranty

55000 Miles Tread Warranty

Aggressive Buttress Reduce Wear Resistance

Hauls Heavy Loads With Less Wear

Tusk Grooves And Heavy Siping Boost Traction

Extreme Durability For Confident Hauling

3PMS Snow Service Rating, Extended Tire Longevity

Excellent For Off Road Riding Performance In Any Road On Any Weather

Silica Infused At-C Tread Compound Delivers Superior Wet And Off-road Traction.

Durable-tread Technology Helps Prevent Rocks And Gravel From Cutting

Hercules Terra Trac AT II

  • The Hercules Terra Trac AT II, a brand new update from Hercules Tire Manufacturer, offers consistent performance on and off-road at a lower budget. Hercules AT II is designed with some features that can deliver the expected performance of a budget-minded driver.
  • The Hercules Terra Trac AT II Tier uses AT-C tread compound exclusive technology that can increase friction with any weather and surface of any road and provide better treadwear. The block design of this tire tries to provide more durable road performance and provide light-driven highway handling and comfort.
  • Hercules Terra Trac AT II is designed to withstand 2nd higher wear resistance. These tires have beveled tread blocks and aggressive buttons that stop premature wear and extend the tire’s longevity comparatively. As a result, it saves customers money by delaying the need for the next tire replacement.
  • Hercules AT-II Tier has a 3PMS snow service rating. This step is given only to tires that have successfully met all performance criteria for satisfactory snow use. It is suitable for tires in northern and mid-western climates where significant rainfall occurs during a substantial part of the year.
  • When purchasing tires, having a good warranty is usually beneficial. Regardless of size, The Hercules Terra Trac AT II comes with a 60,000-mile treadwear guarantee. A 45-day test drive program is also available from Hercules. You have 45 days to swap your tires if you are not happy with them.


  • Provides durable performance on a lower budget.
  • Mud, dirt, sand, and gravel are all easily handled.
  • Provides good stability and responsiveness at high speeds.
  • Tread pattern with aggressive buttresses for excellent grip.


  • Shorter Tread life than expected and fairly large.

Cooper Discoverer AT3

  • The Cooper Discoverer AT3 is providing superior performance and fulfills the extreme snow service search criterion. Cooper at3 all-terrain tires offer a complete solution to the various needs of the 4×4 truck and SUV sector.
  • Under harsh weather conditions, rain, or sun, the Cooper et 3, with adaptive-traction technology, can handle the rough or smooth ground. The silica-based tread comps, zigzag chips, and Sawtooth technology work to better tie snow to tire trades. Winter traction is achieved by the Cooper at3, which results in snow-covered roadways and greater activity.
  • The Discoverer AT3 employs the same aggressive tread design features that aid in snow grip to provide genuine off-road performance. The Secure-Grip five-rib all-terrain design is at home in dirt, mud, sand, rock, or gravel. The zigzag sipes also help to keep stones out of the tread.
  • Durable-Tread Technology on the AT3 comprises a cut- and chip-resistant compound specifically designed for traction and durability on gravel roads. Sharp gravel is kicked out of the tread by stone ejector ledges. Whisper Grooves, which seek to decrease and collect tread noise while on the road, will be appreciated by AT3 drivers.
  • Cooper’s Discoverer AT3 all-terrain tire is a mud and snow certified all-terrain tire that excels at conquering the most challenging terrains. The increased tread weight also helps with abrasion, puncture, and damage in off-road situations. Its warranty is similar to the Hercules AT II.


  • Provides better on and off-road surfaces Traction.
  • This tire performs well on both dry and wet surfaces.
  • Tread Blocks with several functions improve handling.


  • Performance in snowy conditions is not as expected.

What Is Recommended Tire Pressure?

We recommend that you use the tire pressure recommended by the car manufacturer. This information is usually inscribed on the driver’s door jam on the inside. We recommend that you stick to this tire pressure. With plus-sized tires, pressure needs may differ. To see the manufacturer–recommended inflations for standard-sized tires on your vehicle, utilize the tire pressure lookup tool.

Why Did Tires Wear So Quickly?

Tire rotation isn’t the only element that might cause premature tire wear. Proper inflation, driving conditions, misaligned cars, old vehicle parts, and several other factors are examples. It’s impossible to say why your tires wore out early without personally checking them.

What Is The Best Tire Tread?

The tread depth on your tire should be 6/32″ or greater. 5/32″: If you’re concerned about snow-covered roads, you might consider changing your tires. 4/32″: If you travel on wet roads regularly, you should consider changing your tires.

Can I Rotate Tires Too Often?

You can’t rotate the car’s tires too often, except wheel studs and lug nuts, which can be damaged by turning them. However, this is a less severe problem than having to replace tires too frequently. Torquing to the appropriate standard also reduces stud and nut wear.

Is It Ok To Mix Car Tires?

Manufacturers do not recommend tire mixing in general. Instead, it is suggested that cars be fitted with the same tires in every wheel location for maximum safety and performance. That means the front and rear tires must have the same brand, size, tread pattern, load index, and speed rating.

Final Thought

So, which is the best between Hercules at2 vs Cooper at3? In a real sense, both of these tires are rated somewhat similar overall, but they benefit in many ways. Hercules at2 is suitable for off-road driving because this tire will give good performance on rock, dirt, and sand, as well as snow and ice.

The Cooper at3 handles gravel and mud well to maintain road performance, but it burns to a higher degree on the road. It’s a bit more civilized with a higher level of ride comfort and a little less noise.

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