Mastercraft Avenger GT vs Cooper Cobra Tire

If you think that tires with a better treadwear rating and better snow traction during the winter, and dry traction are not available, you are wrong about this. In this case, Mastercraft Avenger GT and Cooper Cobra tires are competitors to provide you better durability and off-road traction. With M+S rated speed rating, these two are irresistible.

Compare Table

This comparison is not brought up to you for highlighting a brand by decreasing the popularity of other brands. Instead, the purpose is only to inform you about the preconditions for selecting a specific tire for your vehicle that fits in it.

Mastercraft GT

Cooper Cobra

Tire Size 255/60R15

Tire P215/65R15

Load Capacity 1874 Pounds

Load Capacity 1510 Pounds

Speed Rating T

Speed Rating T

Rim Size 15 Inches

Rim Size 15 Inches

Better Performance In Dry Traction

Better Performance In Snow Traction

Extended Grooves Are Capable Of Removing Dirt

Resists From Being Cut By Solid Substances

Pitch Sequence Optimized To Reduce

Tread Related Tire Noise

Even Treadwear Design To Help Extend

The Life Of Your Tires

50,000 Mile Treadwear Protection Limited Warranty

50,000 Miles Treadwear Protection Limited Warranty

Preferable For Datsun 280z, Honda Civic, Mazda Miata

Preferable For GMC Jimmy, Buick Gran, Sprot

Features of Mastercraft Avenger GT

The Mastercraft Avenger GT tire always looks masculine for its old-school design. However, the ferocious design used to create a perfect spinning makes this tire worth buying. The passionate and fashionable ones will find this tire to increase the beauty of their vehicles.

Dry Traction

Usually, the dry surfaces are not favorable to most vehicle tires because the traction on that surface becomes less, and perfect acceleration can not be achieved. However, the Mastercraft Avenger GT tire can provide better traction on dry surfaces and thus increase the vehicle’s performance.

M+S Tread Rating

The Mastercraft Avenger GT tire is capable of providing a treadwear rating of 50000 miles per year. This tire is more efficient than other conventional vehicle tires available in the market because of providing such balanced treadwear protection.

Comfortable Journey

If you are looking for a comfortable journey, then you are most welcome here to choose the Mastercraft Avenger GT tire. Due to containing the optimized pitch sequence balancer, the higher pitches produced for the collision between the tire with the road surface. Thus the noise gets reduced, and the journey becomes more comfortable.


  • Gives a comfortable ride.
  • Good at dry traction and vehicle handling.
  • Contains aggressive tread design.
  • Gives treadwear protection up to 50k miles.
  • Reduces noise during the journey.


  • Not good in winter snow traction as expected.

Features of Cooper Cobra

During the rainy season, the road surface gets wet, which fills the grooves of the road, and this phenomenon increases the possibility of road accidents. Therefore, the Cooper Cobra tire is specially designed for providing durable performance in rainy weather.

More Gripping

For a perfect gripping on any surface, the friction between the road surface and the tire surface needs more. Suppose any road surface lacks the grooves for any reason, then the small grips of the tire help for perfect gripping in such conditions. For getting a better gripping, the Cooper Cobra tire will be a good choice.

Variable Sizes

According to the size required size that your vehicle prefers, you can choose the size of the tire of Cooper Cobra. All the vehicles don’t have the same size of tires as the vehicle size are different. So, before purchasing any tire at first get to know about the size of the tire.

Snow Traction

After several experiments, it has come into a conclusion that the Cooper Cobra tire is a preferable tire to work over the snow for the latest snow traction technology used during its production.


  • It contains a classical look and feels masculine.
  • Treadwear warranty of 50k miles per year.
  • Better at snow traction during winter.
  • Gives quiet driving performance.
  • It prevents the tire from chipping by stones during off-road driving.


  • Not good in winter handling as expected.

Who Owns And Produces The Mastercraft Avenger Gt Tire?

Michelin North America Inc. makes and holds the Mastercraft Avenger GT tire. This company is established in the United States of America and leading the automobile industry for years.

Is The Mastercraft Avenger Gt Tire Is Fit For All Vehicles?

Actually, not all tires are preferable for all vehicles because these tires are made by maintaining specific parameters. For example, if you want to use the Mastercraft Avenger GT in a motorbike, this will be a foolish decision because the Mastercraft Avenger GT tire is only for older muscle cars and trucks. So please, visit the nearest service provider of your vehicle for more information.

Are All The Cooper Tires Made In China?

The main industry of Cooper is situated in Hangzhou, China. The Cooper AT3, ATW and the Cobra tire, preferable with the trucks, are made in China. But they also have wings in other countries of the world like the United States.

Is Cooper Cobra Tire Good For Off Road Driving?

Basically, this tire of Cooper is made for ensuring better treadwear protection. But this is also worth efficient in the off roads as the latest Cooper Ultra Technology develops it. So you also can try the Cooper ATW tire for the best off-road driving experience.


At last, it is up to you about your selection. Many people will say that this tire is not good branded but trust me, don’t judge anything by the outer view. At least use that for the factual information. Hope that we could help you to figure out your desired information.

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