Mercon SP Vs Mercon Lv Transmission Fluid

There are many different transmission fluids out there on the market, but what’s the difference between Mercon Sp and Mercon lv? The answer is in the type of vehicle you have. If you’re a Chevy owner, then chances are your car requires Mercon Sp transmission fluid. This blog post will go into detail about some of the features of each type as well as tips for making sure that you’re using the right kind for your vehicle!

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The importance of using the right transmission fluid: When it comes to selecting the right type of transmission fluid for your car, there are many things you should consider before making a decision on which one to buy. Not all fluids will work well with your.

Mercon SP

Mercon lv

Transmission Fluid

Transmission Fluid

Recommended By Ford Motor Company

Recommended By Ford Motor Company

Flash Point 218

Flash Point 216

Provides Protection Against Rust And Corrosion

Prevents Against Rust And Corrosion

Excellent Thermal And Oxidation Resistance

Has Dyed Read For Ease Leak Detection

Provide Excellent Shifting Characteristics At High And Low Ambient Temperatures

Excellent Shifting Characteristics At High & Low Ambient Temperatures

Provides Excellent Performance In Electronically Controlled Automatic Transmissions

Specifically For Maximum Performance And Application Suitability

Specifically For Use In Ford And Lincoln Vehicles

Best For Ford, Lincoln And Mercury Transmissions Vehicles

Mercon SP Transmission Fluid

  • This specific brand has the premium quality automatic transmission fluid designed for Ford, Lincoln, and Mercury transmissions. It is under the manufacturer of Ford Motorcraft.
  • This design is specially made for improved durability and handling capacity in TorqShift transmission. This provides exclusive shifting in low and high ambient temperatures, which is one of the most wanted features.
  • This lubricant also has a bittering agent, which makes removal more manageable and efficiently out of the optimal capacity.
  • Provides wearing protection as inhibiting the formation of gum, sludge, lacquered foam.

Does it look like Mercon sp will work on my 2008 range rover with zf6hp26 seeing the same tranny in some Ford calling for sp?

Answer: 2008 F-250 works super duty in diesel. This is what I use in it. The mechanic told me to make sure it was SP.

Does This Fit My 2010 F250?

Answer: Try googling ‘2010 F250 transmission fluid’ I’m sure it will say your truck has a 5R110w and that it uses Mercon LV. You will also probably find that Mercon LV replaced Mercon SP and that SP should not be used in a transmission that requires LV. However, this will result in conflicting comments regarding if SP is safe to use or not. However, use what your Ford manual recommends.

Does This Fit My Vehicle, 2003 F250 Super Duty 6.0 Powerstroke?

Answer: Yes, is the short answer. From 2003 to 2008, Ford used MERCON SP. However, a few years ago, they stopped making it and switched to MERCON LV. That didn’t work out so well; lots of people had trouble with their transmission. I never did. They started making SP again, but the dealership doesn’t carry it. I have 2 F250, a gas and a 05 diesel 6.0 just as you do. I ONLY use MERCON SP, and I get it from Amazon.

Mercon Lv Automatic Transmission Fluid

  • The most significant benefit is that it provides a large media area to work efficiently, which fluted case end. And it keeps the peat spacing in the perfect ratio.
  • This product prevents aging of the engine, keeps the constant work, and resists heat from damaging the engine.
  • The efficient filter media collects all the dust and dirt and doesn’t let it damage the engine.
  • Also, the product isn’t applicable for some other designated transmitters and engines.
  • It has oxidation & shear stability with good fluidity. It is crucial to check the fluidity of the lubricant.
  • The color of the fluid is mentioned to maintain its health. If the transmission fluid changes its color, the liquid isn’t in good condition.

Can This Be Used As Transfer Case Fluid?

Answer: It depends on what kind of vehicle you have. Check your owner’s manual. Ford Expedition and Ford F-250 Super Duty use the same in the transfer case.

Why does the title say 12/1 qt? Wouldn’t that usually mean 12 one quart packages? And how can the item weight be 8 ounces?

Answer: The 12/1 is just letting you know that 12 1qt containers come in a case. This way if you want a full case, you know you can order 12 of the items. The 8 ounces is listed in error. The company that originally set up this Amazon listing put the weight in incorrectly; the correct weight is 1lb 15oz per quart. Amazon is currently selling it for $8.97 with free shipping of your total order of over $35. We have it listed at $12 free shipping. So likely, we are more affordable for 3 quarts or less than Amazon for four or more if my math and estimated shipping costs are correct.

Is Manual Standard Transmission Compatible?

Answer: Not necessarily depends on the type of transmission. Both products don’t differ gravely, but there are small in-depth differences the users may find. Mercon Lv emphasizes the small details like heating effect and age of the engine, but Mercon SP didn’t show any of this effect on their product. Mercon Lv checks on the fluid level, but the Mercon SP does not let vivid focus on it. Also, locating the dipstick is very feasible in Mercon Lv, but Mercon SP users find it hard.

Concluding, both the products are convenient and helpful from different points of view for different users. Moreover, both the products are aimed to facilitate the users in their ways. Hence both the products might come with their very own effectiveness and disadvantages. And thus serves their customers in their desired way.

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