Moog vs Monroe Struts

Are you looking for a vehicle strut that will give you the perfect dust boot and SAE graded coil spring? In this article, we will provide the benefits and the comparison between two vehicle struts that contain perfect dust boot and SAE graded coil spring. As there is no compromise with their durability, it becomes more difficult to compare between these two. So, let’s see which one wins the top position for you.

Moog vs Monroe Table

The difference between them is not just in how they look – it also affects what they do for your rides comfort levels as well as performance on uneven roads. This table will discuss Moog and Monroe struts and which one might be best for you!

Moog Struts

Monroe Struts

Provides Better Dynamics Rate And Controlling

Provides Rust Protection In All Weather Conditions

Improved Handling Ability

Precise Vehicle Steering

Front End Suspension Position

Front End Suspension Position

Top Plate Tested with One Million Cycles Under

Extreme Load

Engineered To Match Your Vehicle’s OE Profile

Limited Lifetime Warranty

Limited Lifetime Warranty

Safer Ride Protection Up To 1400 Km Per 90 Days

Safer Ride Protection Up To 1600 Days Per 90 Days

Tackles In All Terrain With Easy Compression

Reduces The Premature Tire Wear Greatly

Preferable for Toyota Camry 4 Cylinder LE., Nissan Versa

Preferable for 2000 Toyota Salora, Honda Accord

Why Compare

At first, it should be cleared that this comparative discussion is only published for giving a helping hand to the eager customers who are willing to have a perfect vehicle strut. There is no link to promote any specific vehicle partly for financial reasons. Again, an accessory is not applicable for all types of vehicles. All the demands that a vehicle lack also can not be fulfilled by a single accessory. For this reason, we have provided you this comparison table so that you can be able to relate the features of the Moog and Monroe strut with your vehicle and thus get the perfect one.

Features of Moog Struts

One of the most crucial factors that your vehicle needs is a perfect height adjustment. This ensures the prevention of the uneven tire burn of your vehicle. The Moog strut is capable of providing an ideal height adjustment in your car and thus, it prevents premature uneven tire burn easily. 

Precise Steering 

This strut increases the steering ability of your vehicle. Mostly in the off road, the steering ability gradually decreases because the vehicle struts can not provide enough support to our vehicle. So, the Moog strut reduces the compression during your journey in tough terrain, and in this way, it gives you precise steering ability.

Top Notch Design

The top-notch notch engineering in the Moog struts made them so demanding. The triple piston rod seal used in it provides extraordinary performance. This increases the lifetime of the struts and you will get a comfortable ride using the Moog struts.

OE Style Coil Spring

The OE-style coil spring compressor used in this strut is assembled in America. This is a premium tool that gives a reliable finish. The spring greatly reduces the compression during driving in any terrain and thus offers you a fit and effortless function.

Pros of Moog struts

  • Contains uneven tire burn preventing capability.
  • Provides better long-lasting adjustment.
  • Makes the ride smoother and enjoyable.
  • Provides you faster and safer installation.

Cons of Moog struts

  • Price may not be affordable.

Features of Monroe struts 

Improved Controlling 

Monroe struts are designed to offer you better control of your vehicle during your journey. Developed by the latest Smart technology, the Monroe strut meets up the handling ability of your vehicle. So, for gaining improved control of your vehicle in any terrain, the Monroe struts are good.

Easy installation 

A few years ago, the installation of vehicle struts by newbies or regular users was considered extremely dangerous because there was the possibility of damaging the internal parts of the vehicles. But now, the Monroe struts come with a new feature of easy installation. You can install the Monroe struts yourself by following the user manual given with it. This may take about an hour to install this perfectly.

Better Durability 

As I said before, there is no compromise with the durability of Monroe struts. You can drive up to 50000 miles per year using this vehicle strut without any tension of further replacement. The durable parts used in it last for years more than the conventional vehicle struts. For the customers who want to find durable reinforcements, Monroe struts are recommended.

Comfortable Driving 

The top construction of the Monroe struts ensures you comfortable riding. The compressing ability of it provides quiet driving in all-terrain. In this way, the Monroe struts enhance your overall experience. 

Pros of Monroe struts 

  • Provides outstanding handling ability to the vehicle.
  • Price is affordable as a standard vehicle strut.
  • Significantly shorter stopping distance during braking.
  • Enhance the safer driving experience.

Cons of Monroe struts 

  • Not preferable for all types of vehicles.

Are Moog Struts Good?

The Moog struts are very promising for getting precise steering, long-lasting adjustment, and better dynamics rating. Again its tip-notch quality design is also a mentionable one. 

Are Monroe Struts Good For My Toyota Salora?

From the customer reviews on Amazon, it can be said that the Monroe struts are comfortable in a Toyota Salora. Many people found it as a good quality assembly for their vehicles. You can contact the service provider of your vehicle for more information.

Can I Assemble The Struts Myself?

Yes, you can replace the vehicle struts yourself staying at home. You have to follow the steps given with the manual book when you purchase these two from the dealers.


These vehicle struts have been tough competitors since their debut. If you want to get extraordinary performance and a better speed rating, my suggestion will be the Moog struts or Monroe struts. Now the choice is up to you which one you will prefer for your vehicle.

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