Napa Synthetic Oil Vs Mobil 1

In this article, the reasons that make Napa synthetic oil and Mobil 1 motor oil different will be highlighted. We will discuss the similarities between them along with the comparative discussion between them. If you want to buy any of these two motor oils, first read this article so that you can be able to know whether these are perfect for your engine. So without further delay, let’s get started on this topic.

Compare Table

There are many different opinions on the subject, and we’re going to explore them in this Table. We will discuss how each type of synthetic oil works, how it’s rated by car manufacturers, and what kind of benefits you can get from using one over the other.

Napa oil

Mobil 1

Full Synthetic Oil

Full Synthetic Oil

Offers Fluidity In All Temperatures

High Temperature Resistance

Efficiency To Engine Up To 96%

Efficiency To Engine Up To 98%

API Rating SP, SN+

ILSAC GF-6 standard

Oil Refining Capability Less Accurate

Oil Refining Capability More Accurate

Cars Which Need More Oil At Instant Such As: Racing Cars

Suitable For Light Trucks And Available Vehicles

Provides Sludge Protection 3x Times More Than The Other Oils

Offers Sludge Protection 4x More Than Other Oils

Offers 10000 Miles Protection Warranty .

Will Provide Protect Up To 10000 Miles

Preferable with 2008 F-350, Toyota Solara  2006

Preferable with Toyota Acura, Chevrolet cobalt H 2009

Why Compare

We have to conclude the preferable motor oil for your vehicle engine. Napa synthetic oil and Mobil 1 are two different branded oils, but they possess some similarities within them. These two are designed to fulfill the demands of specific vehicles. So, a comparison is necessary for finding the perfect one.

Features of Napa synthetic oil

The viscosity of a motor oil defines how much thicker the oil is. Thicker motor oil is necessary for reducing the metal to the metal part collision. The synthetic motor oil contains 5w-30 viscosity that provides the best lubrication to your vehicle engine. As a result, the vehicle engine can perform more smoothly.

Better Fuel Economy

Napa synthetic motor oil provides better fuel economy in all temperatures and weather conditions. Usually, in low temperatures, the motor oils freeze. But the Napa Synthetic oil contains its fluidity in all temperatures. And thus provides better fuel economy to the engine.

Faster oil Flow

Faster oil flow is necessary for racing cars because those engines need a higher amount of oil at an instant. The Napa synthetic motor oil flows faster than other conventional motor oils. As a result, the powerful engines get their required amount of oil within time and you get a perfect boost up of our engine in the racing track.

Engine Wear Reduction

As you know that most of the engine wear happens during the first 20 minutes of warm up of the vehicle engine. Synthetic motor oils can significantly reduce the engine wear of a vehicle. For this reason, the Napa synthetic motor oil can reduce engine wear greatly.

Pros of Napa synthetic oil

  • Flows faster in low temperatures.
  • Provides better fuel economy to your vehicle engine.
  • Reduce sludge in your engine.
  • Increase the time of oil change.
  • Don’t break down in high temperatures.
  • Provides better mileage.

Cons of Napa synthetic oil

  • Price may not be affordable to most of the customers as the prices of the other standard motor oils are less than this.
  • Not recommended for diesel engines.

Features of Mobil 1

Efficiency is the most vital role of motor oil because this is the ratio between the output energy with input energy. Mobil 1 synthetic motor oil oxidizes fully with the engine chamber and gives mechanical power to the vehicle to accelerate forward. Thus it provides 98% efficiency to the engine.

Reduced Oil Leakage

The oil leakage that happens in the vehicle is a crucial factor. Being a thicker full synthetic motor oil, Mobil 1 greatly reduces the oil leakage within the vehicle’s engine.

Resistance to High Temperature

Usually, in high temperatures, particles of the oil break down, which creates engine malfunctioning. However, the Mobil 1 fully synthetic motor oil doesn’t break down at high temperatures and thus gives better durability.

Removes Unwanted Substances

The usual motor oils contain various unwanted substances like oxidized oil, metallic particles, acids, etc., which corrupt the function of the vehicle engine. The Mobil 1 fully synthetic motor oil can remove the unwanted substances from the engine and thus give better performance.

Pros of Mobil 1

  • Starts quickly and circulates fast up to 50 degree Celsius temperature.
  • Improved engine efficiency.
  • It contains unique additive technology, which significantly reduces engine wear.
  • Provides better oil breakdown resistance at high temperatures.
  • Reduce unnecessary oil consumption.
  • Extend the time gap between two oil changes.

Cons of Mobil 1

  • Not recommended for gasoline engines.

Is Napa synthetic motor oil better than Mobil 1 synthetic motor oil?

For your better understanding, we have provided you this article so that you can find out which one of these two is preferable to your vehicle engine.

Is Napa motor oil fully synthetic?

As you have seen that the Napa motor oil exceeds the demand of the API standard test, it can be said that this oil is fully synthetic.

Is Mobil 1 motor oil preferable with a Toyota Acura?

As a Toyota Acura uses 5W-30 fully synthetic motor oil, you can easily trust the Mobil 1 motor oil because its viscosity is 5W-30, and this oil is fully synthetic.


As we have already seen the differences pros and cons and the similarities between the Napa synthetic oil and Mobil 1 synthetic motor oil, next time when you will choose the perfect motor oil for your vehicle engine, follow the comparison between the pros and cons and the other essentials.

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