Pro Comp ES9000 Vs Bilstein Shocks Absorber

Have you ever suffered from a low-speed rating of your vehicle? Or did you notice seat inclination and excess vehicle shaking? If yes, then you need to change the shock absorber that is used in your vehicle. Partially or fully damaged shock absorbers usually create such types of issues. I have got pro comp es9000 and Bilstein shock absorbers that are capable of solving these problems.

Why Compare

Bilstein is a familiar name in the automotive sector for supplying durable products. Bilstein Monomax is a mentionable name in this case with monotube design. On the other hand, Pro comp has been offering shock absorbers for years for both lighter and heavier vehicles. And we are comparing these two to differentiate their advantages, disadvantages, and features. If you are in confusion to choose any of these two then go through this comparison table.

Pro Comp ES9000


Comes With Rear Coil Suspension

Comes With Front & Rear Coil Suspension

Designed With Twin-tube Pressurized Nitrogen Gas-charged Parts.

Designed With Patent Disgressive Vale To React Instantly During Driving Your Vehicle

Great Off Road Performance But May Find Difficulties To Install.

Easy Install All Weather Shock Observer

Protects The Tire From External Damages Significantly

Ensures Better Wheel Traveling In Any Road

Enriched With A 10-stage Velocity Sensitive Valving

Enriched With A Zinc Plate For Giving Extra Resistance

Provides Wear Protection Of 55000 Miles Before Replacement

Provides Wear Protection Up To 70000 Miles Before Replacement

Preferable For Lighter Trucks, Pickups, And Suvs

Preferable For 2002 Gmc Sierra 1500, Trucks And Pickups

Features Of Pro Comp ES9000

Pair of welded shock mounts having 1.5 inches of gaps between them are attached to the shock absorber of pro comp es9000. This helps the shock absorber to hold on to the struts strongly and stabilize the vehicle shaking a lot.

Long Lasting Durability 

Durability depends on the usage of something. The long-lasting performance of a thing greatly depends on its durability. Pro comp es9000 is not a different option in this case. This durable vehicle shock absorber allows your vehicle to attain extra performance off-road.  

5/8” Chrome Hardened Piston

Pistons play a great role in cleaning up the dirt from the vehicles. 5/8 inches of the chrome-hardened piston is installed on the shock absorber of pro comp es9000. As a result, it gets a better cleaning capability from the dirt and increases the lifespan of both the shock absorber and the vehicle significantly.

Smooth On Road Ride

On-road driving needs a stable shock absorber that can constantly keep the tire in contact with the road. And the pro comp es9000 shock absorber does this job greatly.

Pros of Pro comp es9000 

  • Enhances off-road riding greatly.
  • Increases fluid capacity up to 50% by expanded twin-tube design.
  • Provides maximum strength in heavier vehicles.
  • The optional boots used in it are sold separately

Features of Bilstein

The monotube design used in the shock absorbers of the Bilstein makes this part an efficient one. This can quickly convert kinetic energy into mechanical energy.

Easy Installation

Installation of the Bilstein shock absorbers do not take more than an hour. You can install this part by staying at your home following the manual given with it.

Better Efficiency 

Efficient parts can perform more than other parts smoothly and give the maximum output while using those. The shock absorbers of the Bilstein can give you up to 95% efficient performance in your trucks and pickups. So, for getting an efficient output, the Bilstein shock absorbers will be the wise choice.

Comfortable Ride

Riding off-road is quite difficult because of the rough and unparalleled surface. The shock absorbers of Bilstein control vehicle damping greatly and thus gives you a comfortable off-road ride.

Pros of Bilstein 

  • Provides outstanding acceleration rating off-road. 
  • Reduces premature tire burns during driving your vehicle.
  • Transforms the kinetic energy absorbed into mechanical energy instantly.
  • Holds the position of the tires in the road constantly.

Cons of Bilstein

  • Price may be higher than standard shock absorbers available in the market.
  • Installation may need more time.

Which Country Manufactures The Shock Absorbers Of Bilstein?

Mainly, all the vehicle parts of Bilstein are made in Germany. Again, the shock absorbers of Bilstein are also made and manufactured in the USA.

Which Shock Absorber Is The Best In The Market?

This will differ from person to person. Some people will suggest you, Moog, some will suggest Bilstein, Monroe, and various other brands. But the truth is every part lacks in some sectors. When you get better off-road traction then the on-road traction will be less. For this reason, relate your demands with the features of the shock absorbers to find the best one. 

Can I Use Pro Comp Es9000 In My Pickup? 

You can easily use the pro comp es9000 shock absorber in your pickup. Because this shock absorber gives additional strength to the trucks and pickups. So, you can easily have this shock absorber at an affordable price for your pickup. I Usually Drive In The Off-roads Most.

Which Shock Absorber Between Pro Comp Es9000 And Bilstein Will Give Me More Speed Rating?

According to the user statistics, pro comp es9000 will give you up to 55k miles of wear protection and will ensure better speed rating. And the shock absorbers of the Bilstein will provide you wear protection up to 70k miles before its replacement along with ensuring M+S speed rating.


Pro comp es9000 is a gem in the automobile industry. On the other hand, Bilstein is a world-renowned brand that is favorable to all customers around the world. Both of them have advantages and disadvantages and some exclusive features. These two shock absorbers will be efficient to use in trucks and pickups. So take your time and make the right decision.

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