Rancho Quicklift Vs Bilstein 5100 Shocks Absorbers

Many people claim that though they regularly change their vehicle struts, tires, and oil refiners, still the vehicles are not giving proper feedback. The reason behind this is they almost forget to replace the shock absorbers of their vehicles. If you are such a victim then you are welcome to try Rancho Quicklift or Bilstein 5100.

Rancho Quicklift Vs Bilstein 5100 Table

To help you make an informed decision, we have compiled this comparison guide to Rancho Quicklift and Bilstein 5100 Shocks Absorbers so that you can choose the best option for your vehicle.

Rancho Quicklift

Bilstein 5100

Best In Off-Road Performance.

Smooth Performance Both Off And On Road

Comes With Front Loading Suspension.

Comes With Both Front And Rear Loading Suspension.

Uses Pressurized Nitrogen Gas Up To 100 Psi For Minimizing Air To Oil Mixture.

Attaches Patent Disgessive That Reacts Instantly When You Change Your Driving Surface

Reduces Fade And Foaming Greatly

Provides Increased Wheel Travel

Enriched With Long-lasting Premium Liquid Metallic Finish

Plated With Zinc For Ensuring Resistance Against Hard Particles

Provides Additional Lift For Big Wheels And Tires

Provides Increased Wear Control

The Self-lubricating System Retains Gases Quickly

Contains Neoprene Rubber Bushings

Wear Protection Of 50000 To 60000 Miles Before Replacement

Wear Protection Up To 70000 Miles Before Replacement

Preferable For Late Model Trucks And SUV

Preferable For 2002 Gmc Sierra 1500, Light Trucks, And SUV

Why Compare

Rancho Quicklift shock absorbers are quite familiar to passionate drivers around the world. The monster truck drivers love this masterpiece like a gem. On the other hand, Bilstein is the most common name in struts and shock absorbers. Most SUV drivers easily rely on the products of Bilstein as a trusted vehicle parts supplier. So, a comparison between these two can be provided for you so that you can experience the features of these masterpieces.

Features of Rancho Quicklift

Twin Tube

There are two tubes inside the gas chamber of the Rancho Quicklift shock absorber. This allows the vehicle to control its balance in every terrain you usually drive your vehicle. As a result, the twin-tube design always helps in holding the heavier weight of your vehicle which reduces pressure on the tire.

Better Ride Quality 

Better riding always depends on a few factors like vehicle tires, struts, shock absorbers, etc. As the main work of a shock absorber is to convert kinetic energy into other forms of energy, it also plays a great role in adjusting the proper height of your vehicle. The Rancho Quicklift shock absorber provides you a better ride in all-terrain.

Off-Road Flexibility 

In most cases, the drivers need to drive their vehicles off-road. And it becomes difficult to control the vehicles off-road because the surface is not smooth like on-road. To fix this issue, the Rancho Quicklift vehicle shock absorber helps a lot. Thus you get better off-road flexibility by using the Rancho Quicklift shock absorber.

Customized Damping Control

Damping is one of the mentionable problems that happen to a vehicle with heavy loads. This increases the possibility of road accidents because the drivers almost lose control over their vehicles during damping. The Rancho Quicklift shock absorbers will provide you customized damping control.

Features of Bilstein 5100

Monotube Design

The Monotube design that is used in the Bilstein 5100 shock absorber is a feature of it. This design significantly reflects the proper usage of upgraded technology where the shock uses pressurized nitrogen gas.

Consistent Performance 

When the other shock absorbers are providing you average off-road traction, the Bilstein 5100 shock absorber provides you maximum off-road traction. You also get wear protection up to 70k miles before replacing the shock. These will ensure the consistent performance of your vehicle.

Easy Installation 

Installation of a shock absorber usually takes more time. But the Bilstein 5100 shock absorber comes with quick parts. Just follow the steps given in the manual and then implement those. You will be able to install this shock within an hour.

Damping Control Ability 

Damping is related to the noise reduction of your vehicle. When you drive off-road or on-road then the surface friction produces noise. To prevent vehicle shaking and road noise, the Bilstein 5100 shock absorber will give you better feedback.

Pros of Rancho Quicklift

  • Ensures firmness in both on-road and off-road.
  • The complete assembly contains a specific coil spring for more stability.
  • Removes unwanted particles for maintaining an aggressive stance.
  • Controls vehicle shaking greatly. 

Cons of Rancho Quicklift

  • Claimed not to be much efficient. 

Pros of Bilstein 5100

  • Maintains stable and comfortable ride.
  • Offers you better off-road traction.
  • Provides you with a greater dynamics rating.
  • Enables you to launch proper height adjustment of your vehicle.

Cons of Bilstein 5100

  • Price may not be affordable.

Which Country Makes And Manufactures The Bilstein 5100 Remote Reservoir Shock Absorbers?

The products of Bilstein are mainly made in the USA. But sometimes the remote reservoir shock absorbers of the Bilstein 5100 are made in Germany.

Can I Install The Rancho Quicklift Vehicle Shock Absorber In My Pickup?

As I mentioned before, the Rancho Quicklift shock absorber is preferable for the late model trucks. It can provide praiseworthy support in both lighter and heavier trucks. So, you can install it in your pickup. But before this installation, please contact the service provider of your vehicle about this.

Is Bilstein 5100 Shock Absorber Better On-road Or Off-road?

The Bilstein 5100 shock absorber is mainly designed for allowing you to drive over tough surfaces without harming the tires and struts. But it also performs well on the highways as expected. It can be hoped that you will get excellent off-road traction using the Bilstein 5100 shock absorber.


We always try to provide you with the most efficient and durable products whatever their brands are. Rancho Quicklift is such an underrated product whose rank in the automotive sector is above thousand. But the truth is that the quality of Rancho Quicklift is capable of getting compared with the top products like Monroe, Bilstein, etc. So, don’t judge a product just by its brand. Thank you for reading this article.

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