Redline vs Mobil 1 Motor Oil

Are you looking for durable and efficient motor oil for your vehicle? Or looking for full synthetic motor oil to increase engine lifetime? I have got two choices for you. Redline and Mobil 1 fully synthetic motor oils will be preferable to your engine.

Redline vs Mobil 1 Table

it is important to know what each offers before making your choice. In this Table, we will compare the two types of motor oils to help you decide which one is best for your car!


Mobil 1

Viscosity 5W-30

Viscosity 5W-30

Efficiency Up To 95% 

Efficiency To Engine Up To 98%

Better Fuel Economy 

Good Fuel Economy

3X More Sludge Protection

4X More Sludge Protection

Better Durability To Engine

Good Durability To Engine

Engine Performs More In High Temperature 

Engine Performs More In Low Temperature

Helps Up To 10000 Miles Between Oil Changes

Helps Up To 10000 Between Oil Changes

Preferable with VW/Audi 502.00/503.01/505.01-99, BMW LL-01 and Ford WSS-M2C946-A

Preferable with 2001 740 IL, Jeep Wrangler Jk 2012 etc.

Why Compare

The Redline company was built up about five decades ago, where the Mobil 1 was built approximately ten decades ago. Though their debuts are in different decades, they are equally demanded by the customers. Therefore, a comparison table is a best and most helpful way to differentiate between a few options. For this reason, we are comparing Redline motor oil with Mobil 1.

Features of Redline

The Redline full synthetic motor oil contains improved fuel economy by less evaporation than the other conventional motor oils. As a result, it enhances fuel efficiency greatly. In addition, it will decrease the cost of servicing the vehicle engine.

Recommended for:

The Redline fully synthetic motor oil is designed for some specific vehicles fulfilling the need of these engines. Late-model BMW, GM, Nissan, Volkswagen, Audi 500. 00, 501. 01 and 502. 00, Ford WSS-M2C946-A vehicles are recommended to use this synthetic motor oil.

Faster Oil Flow:

The Redline full synthetic motor oil is designed for racing cars. Providing the maximum rate of oil flow, the car engine can boost its speed. As a result, the roaring of the engine continues smoothly, and you get a perfect chase.

Friction Reduction:

Metal to metal friction of the engine parts of a vehicle is one of the main reasons for reducing the lifetime of a vehicle engine. The Redline oil makes the engine fuel smoother; thus, there is less possibility of friction there. As a result, the vehicle gets more durable.

Features of Mobil 1

Developed by Smart FUSIONTM technology, Mobil 1 is currently holding the crown of the automotive industry. All around the world, this synthetic oil is famous for its additional features, smart specifications and extreme support to the vehicle engine.


Mobil 1 is the only synthetic oil that gives good durability to the engine along with 98% efficiency to the vehicle engine. During fuel oxidation, the engine loses some energy by friction, for which the efficiency gets less. Using the Mobil 1 motor oil will give your engine more efficiency.

Better Cleaning Ability:

As you know, conventional motor fuel contains many tiny particles like dust, chemical additives etc., which are equally harmful to your vehicle engine. The Mobil 1 mixed up with the conventional motor oils and removes the unwanted substances from there.

Eco-friendly Fuel Economy:

The Mobil 1 full synthetic oil provides an excellent eco-friendly fuel economy to the vehicle engine. The non-stop oil flow makes the vehicle engine perform more. As a result, the fuel economy remains suitable for using the Mobil 1 motor oil.

Pros of Redline

  • Provides thicker oil film at operating temperature than a Petroleum 10W40.
  • Developed for modern cars and light trucks.
  • Contain high natural viscosity.
  • Provides less evaporation rate for improved efficiency.
  • Does fantastic work in preventing wear.
  • Oil is smoother and contains more high-quality additives.

Cons of Redline

  • Sometimes claimed to be very expensive.

Pros of Mobil 1

  • Provides faster oil flow.
  • Eco-friendly fuel oxidation.
  • Keeps the piston clearer than other conventional motor oils.
  • Resists in freezing.
  • Gives better shear stability.
  • Extra performance in extreme weather conditions.

Cons of Mobil 1

  • Not recommended for diesel engines.

Does Redline Full Synthetic Oil Perform Better Than Other Oils At Low Temperatures?

Answer: In the cold weather, conventional motor oils can’t perform like synthetic oil at that time. Some customers reviewed that it works better than Pennzoil in low temperatures.

Is The Redline Motor Oil Preferable With An Ecoboost F150?

Answer: Many of the users of Ecoboost are currently using the Redline motor oil. Synthetic motor oils are not like conventional motor oils. So, you can count on the Redline full synthetic motor oil.

Can I Use Mobil 1 In My Infiniti Fx 35 2004?

Answer: Yes, you can use the Mobil 1 in your Infiniti fx 35 2004 as an Infiniti fx 35 2004 uses 5W-30 fully synthetic motor oil.

Does Mobil 1 Synthetic Oil Help With Better Fuel Consumption?

Answer: Yes. The Mobil 1 fully synthetic motor oil contains other frictional qualities which help in smoother engine performance. Thus, this oil helps with better fuel consumption.


Providing services for several decades, Redline full synthetic motor oil and the Mobil 1 fully synthetic motor oil are becoming tough competitors to each other. However, they are well designed, providing the total needs of the specific vehicles and containing some unique additional features. Hope that you can find out the perfect motor oil for your vehicle engine.

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