Redline vs Royal Purple Engine Oil

As a car owner, you ask yourself which engine oil I should get for my vehicle. Although you have various options to choose from, which one gives the best performance out of your particular vehicle is what counts.

That is why we selected two of the best engine oils available on the market now and given you an overview of Redline vs royal purple engine oil and their perks.

Redline vs Royal Purple Table

However, both engine oils are unique and give the best performance that you can expect from your car, but there are some differences such as –


Royal Purple

Fully Synthetic Oil

Fully Synthetic Oil

Refining Capability Is Less Accurate

Refining Capability Is More Accurate

Efficiency Up To 95%

Efficiency Up To 98%

Oil Flow Is Partially Faster

Oil Flow Is Lesser Than Other Oil

3x More Sludge Protection

Better Sludge Protection.

Better Durability To Engine

Excellent Durability To Engine

Engine Provides Best Performance At High Temperature

Engine Perform Well In All Temperatures

Helps Up To 10000 Miles Between Oil Changes

Helps Up To 12000 Miles Between Oil Changes

Mostly Used In The Racing Car Engines

Most Use In Cuv & Sedaans

The comparison table on Redline vs. royal purple gives you an overview of both engine oils; however, the Redline comes in a 1 Gallon pack. On the other hand, the Royal purple comes in a 5 quart or 160 ounces bottle.

The Redline Engine Oil Review

The Redline engine oil is famous for its turbocharged applications. A syntactic oil corporation precisely delivers oils for Audi, BMW, Volkswagen, Mercedes Benz, and Porsche. Moreover, it is also one of the most popular brands in the market now, due to its applications and a bigger package.

It is a full syntactic easter oil that you can use in passenger vehicles, performance cars, and light trucks. Moreover, it also has marine applications, so the price is slightly higher than most oils in the market. However, if you compare its applicability, performance, and how much you are getting, it is worth the money.

Another thing there is less effect on polyalphaolefins, which gives you a great advantage. As it reduces friction and enhances wear protections. Moreover, the detergent additives deduct oil change duration and also keeps the engine cleaner.


  • It gives the viscosity possible for your engine.
  • The oil has the highest protection possible; moreover, efficiency, superior drain intervals, and cleanliness, you cannot go wrong with it.
  • It also improves your fuel economy.
  • The redline provides top-of-the-line wear protection.
  • Its new design reduces friction.
  • They provide a thicker oil film.


  • Oxidation-reduction.
  • Higher viscosity.
  • Provides more extended engine protection.
  • Reduction in frictions.

Royal Purple Engine Oil Review

The royal purple engine oil is wear protection oil; moreover, it also protects LSPI. It is a syntactic oil that gives high mileage out to your vehicle. The oil is a syntactic synerlec additive technology that ensures the long life span of your car’s engine with an increase of oxidation and reducing friction in the process.

The core idea behind the royal purple engine oil is to provide better performance and outperform mineral and synthetic oils in the market. It increases your fuel efficiency and offers better protection to your vehicle’s exhaust emission parts. Moreover, the oil improves your car’s compatibility with ethanol fuels.

Another great thing is that it also gives corrosion protection, which is difficult to find in the market. It improves your motor vehicle’s performance no matter whether you are using diesel or gasoline fuel. Moreover, it is compatible with any car on the road. Therefore, you have the flexibility to use the engine oil regardless of your vehicle type.


  • It provides superior wear protection to the max.
  • The oil has an excellent reputation to protect your vehicle from LSPI.
  • It can increase your car’s fuel efficiency. That means you are getting more mileage out of your vehicle with lesser fuel consumption.
  • The royal purple engine oil protects your vehicle’s exhausts, which most other oils do not provide.
  • It also makes your car more compatible with ethanol-containing fuels and makes it perfect to use in your regular using vehicle.


  • Increases your fuel efficiency.
  • Protection against corrosion.
  • Compatible with almost any vehicle.
  • Protects diesel and gasoline engines.


  • The bottle tends to leak sometimes.

which is Better?

The Redline and royal purple both are amazing engine oils in terms of performance, protection, and efficiency. However, choosing one needs a little bit more information; that is why we categorized the topics to understand better.

Changing Intervals

Changing intervals in a car is how often you will have to change the oil in the engine. Most conventional oils will provide you with 5000 to 7500 miles. However, the Redline provides 18000 miles, and the royal purple gives you 12000 miles.

The Redline provides more mileage than the royal purple; however, the Redline comes in a bigger package which means it is slightly more costly. Moreover, in terms of performance, the Redline takes the cake.


Synthetic oils are a bit more costly than your regular conventional oils as they provide better protection, efficiency, performance, and friction in the engine. However, for the regular joe’s out there, price or cost per change is a thing that matters.

Although syntactic oils tend to last longer, you will have to change them from time to time to keep your vehicle’s engine fit. That is where the mileage comparison comes into play, where the Redline is better. On the other hand, considering the price point where the royal purple costs less than the Redline.

But the royal purple comes in a smaller package and provides less mileage than the Redline. If you are only considering the price, the royal purple is a better choice for your vehicle.

Is Thicker Oil Better For High Mileage Cars?

Thicker oil improves oil pressure which ultimately results in high mileage. It would be best if you went for a slightly thicker oil such as 10W, enhancing your vehicle efficiency. Moreover, it also protects worn-out engine bearings.


The Redline and the royal purple are two of the best engine oil in the market now which provides fuel efficiency, improves performance, and protects your engine.

So, hopefully, you have your answer on Redline vs. royal purple engine oils, which one is better, and which one you should get for your vehicle.

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