Rotella T6 Vs Mobil 1 Motor Oil

The question of T6 vs Mobil 1 is a common one in the automotive world. So we decided to put these two oil giants head-to-head and compare them side by side. One thing is for sure, whichever you choose, it will be the best synthetet oil on the market!

Rotella T6 Vs Mobil 1 Table

This table will compare two popular motor oils that both fall under the category of full synthetics: Rotella T6 and Mobil 1. We hope this comparison helps you make an informed decision about what type of oil to purchase!

Rotella T6

Mobil 1

Full Synthetic Oil

Full Synthetic Oil

Viscosity Grads 5w-40 

Viscosity Grads 0w-40

Heat Resistance Up To 419 Degrees Fahrenheit 

Heat Resistance From -40 Degrees To 500 Degrees Fahrenheit

Better Fuel Economy

Improved Fuel Economy

Improved Heat Resistance

Provides Excellent Internal Engine Heat Protection

Ideal For Gas Engine Vehicles

Preferable With 2001 740 Il, Jeep Wrangler Jk 2012 Etc

Provide Protection Against The Effects Of Soot, Dirt And Other Contaminants

Prevent Damaging Deposits And Sludge Buildup

Compatibility With Exhaust Emissions Control Systems

Control Oxidation To Prevent Oil Breakdown

Provide Generation API CJ-4 Engine Oils

Meets ILSAC GF-6 standards Requirement

Rotella T6 Features

  • The best quality engine protecting feature of Shell Rotella T6 protects the vehicle engine from any adverse driving situation. It can protect the machine in a very cold or hot environment easily.
  • This full synthetic type motor oil includes triple protection technology, which gives the most durability. The fuel economy of Rotella T6 is also better to save up to 1.5% money from your pocket.
  • The dirt or muddy resistance feature can save the engine wear better. The excellent cleanliness control makes the 2Rotella T6 exceptional. Even the multi-functional part may protect the engine wear against the shoot.
  • Its sheer stability saves the engine from maximum pressure. At the same time, the Rotella T6 assures more mileage than any other engine oil. It also provides corrosion and oxidation protection to the vehicle engine.
  • The most important feature of this Rotella T6 synthetic oil is that it less formulates ash. So, it protects the vehicle engine from blocking and increases fuel efficiency.
  • Rotella T6 will not give better service if you use gasoline-based vehicles. Instead, it would provide better performance in diesel fuel-based vehicles.


  • Provides great shear stability
  • It gives the best fuel economy
  • It is excellent for clutch shifting
  • Very reasonable in price
  • Protects against extreme level operating heat


  • This oil does not suitable for geared motors

Mobil 1 Features

  • Mobil 1 engine oil helps to prolong the engine lifetime by saving them from any unwanted conditions. For example, it can protect the engine internally from severe cold to warm situations by its viscosity feature. That means any severely cold situation will not freeze the oil.
  • It provides dust-free features that can protect your vehicle engine from any sticky debris. So, Mobil 1 keeps the vehicle engine clean and fresh. It will not let you feel that you are driving any old vehicle. At the same time, Mobil 1 gives unsuppressed wear protection by its balanced component system.
  • The synthetic Mobil 1 oil cares about the movement of the engine’s part by generating layers among them. Therefore, as the consumption of this motor oil is lower, it will go for a more extended period.
  • The advanced thermal, anti-oxidant technology and turbo-chargers make the Mobil 1 better to give an efficient performance. So, the vehicle engine remains in better operating condition.
  • Mobil 1 uses sulfated ash for high and durable engine life. In addition, the lubricant technology of Mobil 1 motor oil helps you drive your vehicle both in adverse situations and on the speedy highway.
  • It is better to use the Mobil 1 as the gasoline-based vehicle to get better performance. Because Mobil 1 is not perfect for the diesel-based engine.


  • It gives protection against extreme situations
  • It protects vehicle engines from dirt and rust
  • Provides better protection to vehicles engines
  • It provides excellent freezing protection
  • It offers thinner to thickest consistency for better engine part circulation


  • This synthetic oil is not for gasoline or aviation engines

How Many Miles Does Shell Rotella T6 Last?

The Shell Rotella T6 is a synthetic type of oil that lasts up to 50000 miles. So, it is better to say that the engine will last about ten years. In addition, the high-quality and heavy-duty feature of this oil extends the engine life and gives better durability.

Is Shell Rotella T6 Engine Oil Synthetic?

Yes. The Shell Rotella T6 is complete synthetic-based oil. This engine oil gives heavy-duty to the vehicle engine. You will not find any other mixing oil with this full synthetic oil. This synthetic oil is also recyclable many times.

Is The Rotella T6 Suitable For The Motorcycle?

Mainly the motorcycle uses gasoline-based fuel to run. Therefore, the 2Rotella T6 is suitable for the bike unless it has a catalytic converter. However, as the Rotella changes oil formulation, it is not ideal for gas vehicles.

Does The Shell Rotella Motor Oil Mix With Conventional Oil?

No, the Shell Rotella motor oil is not mixed with conventional oil. As conventional oil reduces the synthetic oil’s benefit, it is not recommended to mix synthetic oil with other oils.

Are There Any Demerits With Synthetic Oil?

The main demerits or disadvantages of synthetic oil is its high price. The synthetic oil price is much higher than any other conventional oil in the market. Otherwise, synthetic-based oil is the best choice for any severe cold environment.

Is It Right To Mix Conventional Oil With The Mobil 1 Motor Oil?

The Mobil 1 is well-matched with other conventional oil. So, it is right to mix conventional oil with the Mobil 1 motor oil. It is also suitable with semi-synthetic oil or with other synthetic oil. But mixing with other conventional oil or another semi, full synthetic oil may reduce the Mobil 1 oil’s efficiency. For this reason, to get better performance, it’s better to use this oil without any mixing.

Final Thought

Perhaps you understand the core difference between the 2Rotella T6 vs Mobil 1. As all motor oils are not suitable for all vehicle engines, it is essential to use the right one to save the engine life. So now, it would be much easier for you to choose the best motor oil for your vehicle engine.

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