Sensen Vs KYB Shock Absorbers

Looking for the best replacement for your vehicle shock absorbers but on a low budget? Usually, you will not get a standard shock absorber on a low budget which will give you better feedback. But still, there is hope. The Sensen shock absorbers and Kyb shock absorbers are available on a low budget in the market. So, without further ado, here are the details about them.

Sensen Vs KYB Table

We will compare features, pricing and more about these two popular choices so you can make an informed purchase.



Allows You To Have Proper Control On Your Vehicle While Driving

Provides You Better Steering Ability While Driving Your Vehicle

Reduces Uneven Tire Burn Greatly In Off-roads

Protects The Vehicle Tire From Premature Damage

Wear Protection Up To 60000 Miles

Wear Protection Up To 70000 Miles

Makes The Ride Quieter Significantly

Reduces Each Damping

Holds The Shaft And Strut Rod Strongly In Position

Remains Strong In Position To Any Outside Push

Comes With A Dual Chamber Design That Ensures Proper Sturdiness

Comes With Tough Kyb Design That Ensures Maximum Speed Rating

Preferable for 1999-2007 Chevrolet Silverado 1500, 1999-2006 GMC Sierra 1500

Preferable for 1995-2005 Ford explorer along with heavy trucks

Why Compare

Sense and Kyb are providing quality parts for the vehicles for years. They have earned a huge reputation in this sector from the customers. Their features are praiseworthy to fulfill the demands of your vehicle. Developed by upgraded technology the damping control, efficiency, and speed rating of these two vehicle shock absorbers are up to the mark. But there remain some similarities between these two. To figure out these differences, this comparison table is provided.

Features of Sensen

Innovative Design

The mono-spring used in it reduces the damping that is created during driving greatly. This mono-spring design makes the shock absorber lighter and efficient in precise working. Upgraded by Innovative technology, you get good speed rating and other smart features.


The Sensen shock absorber gives you maximum wear protection of 60k miles per year. Before replacement, you will get a warranty of two years. That means you can ride for a complete two years without the tension of further replacement. That will increase the durability of your vehicle.


The most common problem that happens in a shock absorber is leakage. This issue creates further problems like seat inclination on one side, low speed rating, fuel wastage, and so on. The Sensen shock absorber is leak-proof and thus it reduces the possibility of many issues that may appear in the future.

Better control

In the tough terrain, it becomes almost impossible to drive quietly and safely. Because the handling and control of the vehicle become tough in such situations. A good vehicle suspension gives outstanding output in this case. The Sensen vehicle shock absorber allows you to have better control of your vehicle in every terrain.

Features of Kyb

OE Style Design 

OE type spring performs well in vehicles because such springs have greater compression ability. This prevents the vehicle from shakes that help the tire from damages. An OE spring can also convert kinetic energy into another form of energy very quickly. As a result, the OE-style design makes the spring up to the mark.

Long Term Performance 

The performance of a vehicle part depends on the ingredients from which it is made. Made and manufactured in Japan, the Kyb shock absorber gives you long-term performance. So, for long-term service, try the Kyb shock absorbers in your vehicle.

Excel-G Gas Shock

The Kyb shock absorbers use pressurized gases to keep the balance of the vehicle. Mostly, nitrogen gas is used in conventional shock absorbers. In the Kyb shock absorber, the Excel-G process is used. That provides balance in your vehicle in every terrain you drive your vehicle.

Better Efficiency

The term efficiency is related to the input and output of a particular thing. The Kyb shock absorbers let your vehicle ensure maximum efficiency. The oil consumption, acceleration rating, and stability of your vehicle increases significantly by using the Kyb shock absorbers.

Pros of Sensen

  • Provides quick and safe performance of the vehicle.
  • Meets up the demands of OE shock performance.
  • Price is more affordable than other standard shocks.
  • Contains Nitrogen-gas charged chamber for ensuring a durable experience.

Cons of Sensen

  • Some customers claimed that wear protection is not very effective. 

Pros of Kyb

  • Uses pressurized gas to keep the tire constant in road contact.
  • Gives better performance in every terrain.
  • Provides smoother handling while driving.
  • Ensures increased damping control by 20% compared to other shock absorbers.

Cons of Kyb

  • Not compatible with all types of vehicles.

Does The Sensen Shock Absorber Ensure Maximum Speed?

According to the customer reviews on Amazon, many people found the shock absorbers of Sensen as good in ensuring M+S speed rating. But all models may not do the same. For this, you have to try with the desired stock absorber. I think Kyb Monomax will be a better option for you if you want the maximum speed rating of your vehicle.

Are Sensen Shock Absorbers Better Than The Kyb Remote Reservoir Shock Absorbers?

Sensen shock absorbers are lighter than the Kyb shock absorbers. Again, you can not use the Sensen shock absorbers in heavier vehicles. But Kyb shock absorbers do an excellent performance in heavier vehicles like trucks.

How Long Do The Kyb Shock Absorbers Last?

The available wear protection of the Kyb shock absorbers is 50000 miles to 70000 miles. This depends on how the user is using the vehicle. It also varies depending on the terrain on which you usually drive.


For heavier vehicles and rough terrain, you can easily rely on the Kyb shock absorbers. More than ten models of Kyb shock absorbers will be found on Amazon. There you can pick up the desired one. But the lighter shock absorbers of the Sensen will give extraordinary feedback in your cars. Now the decision is in your hand.

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