Toyo AT2 Extreme vs AT2 Tire

There is no surprising controversy between the new update of Toyo Tire Toyo at2 Extreme and Toyo at2. These tires ensure that you go from one location to another safely. These tires feature stable handling, reduced road noise, and increased traction.

Toyo AT2 Extreme vs AT2 Table

We’ll talk about how these tires differ in performance, price, tread life, and other features like fuel efficiency and noise level. Let’s look at what each of these tires has to offer!

Toyo A/T II Extreme

Toyo A/T II

Tire Size LT295/70R18

Tire Size LT285/75R17

Load Capacity-4080 Pounds

Load Capacity-3197 Pounds

Load Index Rating-129

Load Index Rating-121

Speed Rating-S

Speed Rating-S

Best Suits In Off Road

Decency In On And Off Road

Perform Well On Wet Surface

All Season Tyre

Offers 65000 miles warranty and 45 days guarantee.

Offers 65000 miles warranty and 45 days guarantee

Best For Light Trucks

Best For Light Truck & Suv

Toyo Open Country Xtreme A/T II

  • The All-Terrain Open Country A/T II Xtreme light truck tire is designed to perform great in various conditions. The “XTREME” series of Open Country A/T II light truck tires give you all the traction you need with more durability and longevity than the competition.
  • New Wear-Resistant Tread Compound guarantees excellent tread life and durability. This flexible all-terrain Tire features an aggressive tread pattern, a quiet ride, and outstanding traction and tread life.
  • XTREME series sizes feature a deep Scalloped shoulder and heavy-duty construction for a rugged, aggressive look and added durability for those extreme conditions. Polygonal Blocks and Zigzag Sipes ensure excellent all-season traction performance.
  • Deep Tread Grooves with Stone Ejecting Blocks – Tapered claw edges for enhanced mud and snow traction and Off-Road durability.
  • Tie Bars between Blocks Stabilize tread blocks to reduce irregular wear and road noise and improve braking. Aggressive Sidewall and Open tread block design deliver rugged looks and even more uncompromising performance in dirt, mud, or snow while maintaining a quiet ride.


  • The optimized bead is designed for better handling and durability.
  • This product is tough with the amount of hot rodding on dry pavement.
  • These great-looking tires also have excellent gas mileage.


  • These tires do not grab hard-packed snow/ice at all.

Toyo Tires Open Country A/T II Review

  • Toyo Tires A/T II open country delivers advancements in the design, construction, and all-new trade composite fields, with a particular focus on wet performance, durability, and treadwear life. With these tires, grinding off-road traction is combined with quick and reliable on-road performance.
  • Toyo at2 has utilized a new wear-resistant tread compound that ensures more than 40% trade life, a new sipe design, and added tie bars that reduce irregular wear in the A/T II. This will give you more security wherever you go with Open Country A/T II, whether on or off-road.
  • The Tire’s block design makes it great for both dry and wet surfaces to make on-road travel more enjoyable. Adding tie bars between trade blocks not only aids in wear but also increases stability and reduces braking distances on dry road surfaces.
  • The Tire’s polygonal blocks and zigzag sips are designed for excellent snow performance. That means it can provide relatively good performance even on ice. The profoundly grooved blocks of tires combine to provide improved mud and snow traction, making off-road travel safer.
  • Toyo offers a 65,000-mile treadwear warranty on the Open Country A/T II. Toyo also includes a 45-day, 500-mile test drive guarantee. If you are unhappy with the tires, you can return them or exchange them for a different type.


  • The new wear-resistant tread compound ensures a 40% trade life.
  • Block design makes this Tire perfect for on and off-road.
  • 65,000-mile treadwear warranty and a 45-day guarantee.


  • In snow conditions, they are okay but not great.

How to Choose Tires?

It would be best if you kept a few things in mind when choosing a tire for your car.

  • What kind of weather or situation will you drive, and what may be your worst situation while going?
  • In which area will you drive? Different performance features are required for city roads, long highways, or forest paths.
  • What is your driving style: Do you want to feel every curve or cushion off the road?

With these things in mind, you must select and purchase a tire for your car.

How Many Miles Do Tires Last?
Tires are the only way to make contact with the road and car. They must be in excellent working order to guarantee your safety and the safety of other road users. So, How many miles do tires last? A normal tire lasts around four to five years or 50,000 to 75,000 miles. However, a few crucial elements will influence the Tire’s longevity.

What Will Reduce the Life of Car Tires?
Specific driving habits, such as aggressive braking and acceleration, increase friction and heat on the Tire, shortening the Tire’s life. Furthermore, high-speed driving and severe cornering have a detrimental impact on the tires. The air pressure inside the Tire has an impact on the Tire’s lifespan as well. Excessive pressure can cause the Tire to burst, resulting in dangerous situations and accidents.

What Are the Signs of a Bad Tire?

Blisters or bulges: Replace the Tire as soon as you see a bulge or blister on the sidewall. These indicate possible weak areas in the Tire that might lead to failure.

Uneven Treadwear: Improper inflation, misaligned wheels, broken tires, or suspension component issues can contribute to this.

Excessive Vibrations: A misaligned, imbalanced, or damaged tire can cause tire vibration. It might also be an indication of internal tire damage.

Final Thought
If you look at the specifications of the Toyo at2 extreme vs. at2, you’ll see that both tires are excellent. However, it covers some of the 2 Extreme’s extra features. The Toyo at2, on the other hand, provides an excellent off-road experience. So, if you want to drive more aggressively, at2 extreme is the way to go. However, if you like frequent travel, the Toyo at2 is your vehicle.

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