Toyo AT3 vs KO2 Tire

These specialized tires offer comfort and quiet on the road, plus maximum traction when conditions get rough. Toyo AT3 and KO2 All-Terrain T/A KO2 are two leading options that will provide superior performance to meet your demands. Check out this in-depth Toyo at3 vs. ko2 review before choosing the perfect tire setup!

Toyo AT3 vs KO2 Table

Take a glance at this table where we have compared both options so that you can make an informed decision!

Toyo AT3

KO2 Tires

Size Of The Tyre Available 265/70r17 115t

Size Of The Tyre Available  285/75r16

Load Capacity Of This Tyre Is 2679 Pounds

This Can Take Maximum Of 3750 Pounds

Load index Rating 115

Load index Rating  126

Its Comes With Speed Rating Of T

It Comes With A Speed Rating Of R.

Best Performed On Highway And Off Road As Well.

Best Perform On Off Road Surface

Recommended For SUV, Truck and All-terrains.

Recommend For CUV/SUV

Rim Size 17 Inches

Rim Size 16 Inches

It Offers 50000-65000 Miles Warranty And 45 Days Guarantee

It Provides A 50000 Miles Warranty And 60 Days Guarantee.

Toyo Open Country AT3 Tire

  • The Open Country AT3 tire is a tire manufactured by Toyo Tires that performs very well on the highway and claims to perform better off-road. It’s an all-terrain tire suitable for everyday driving and some light off-roading.
  • This tire has taken the performance and reliability of driving on the highway and off-road one step further. Its S-shaped thread pattern makes the tires quiet on the highway. These tires provide better traction, especially in off-road driving.
  • The Open Country AT3 was created with dry and snow handling in mind. The tires are long-lasting and can perform well on wet and snow-covered roads. Without any cutting or increased wear, these tires will fling snow, dirt, and pebbles more readily.
  • Two high-strength steel belts featuring two-ply polyester casing are included in the tire’s durability improvement effort. As a result, the big shoulder logs outside the tread offer excellent mud and sand traction, enhancing high-speed stability.
  • The Toyo at3 comes with a 65000-mile treadwear warranty for the Euro-Metric size and a 50,000-mile treadwear warranty for the LT and Flotation Size. Moreover, it offers a trial offer for 500 miles or 45 days.


  • Ensure Excellent performance on highway and off-road.
  • Provides Exceptional Traction on dry and snow-covered roads.
  • This tire allows comfort and quiet driving.


  • These tires are not suitable for driving in deep mud.

All-Terrain T/A KO2 Tire

  • The Core Gard Technology features a split- and bruise-resistant sidewall rubber, a thicker and longer shoulder rubber, enhanced rubber thickness, and an advanced deflection design. This method strengthens the sidewall.
  • Specially formulated tread rubber is optimally combined with decreasing chip and tearing for better gravel road resolution. The improved footprint shape distributes stress more evenly, resulting in longer, more consistent wear.
  • 3-D active sipe technology provides more biting edges, resulting in dramatically better snow traction. Upper-sidewall traction bars project sidewall rubber blocks, which improve mud, snow, and rock traction, especially in aired-down driving conditions.
  • Mud-phobic bars lift bars in the shoulder tread area allow compacted mud to release for improved grip in muddy and soft soil situations. In soft soil and heavy snow, staggered shoulder blocks allow for more movement.
  • All-Terrain T/A KO2 comes with a year’s Limited warranty covering flaws in craftsmanship and materials for the life of the tread. It also carries 50,000 miles limited warranty and offers a 60-days satisfaction guarantee, an extension to the standard.


  • The KO2 is available at affordable prices.
  • 20% tougher sidewall than others.
  • Advanced tread design for more extended wear.


  • Users can only get a little mileage out of an off-road vehicle.

Do All-Terrain Tires Affect Gas Mileage?
Although not all-terrain tires would have the same fuel economy as passenger car tires, they will not significantly increase fuel consumption. They have a more considerable influence on the energy economy as well. Generally, All-terrain tires have 3% less fuel-efficient than highway tires, according to the experts.

Are All-Terrain Tires Bad in the Rain?
All-terrain tires are designed in such a way that they can provide exemplary performance in any situation. They can perform well even on snow-covered roads in the rain but are unsuitable for roads with too much mud or snow.

This method is used to create highway treads and all-season tires. Originally graded tires are still acceptable in the rain, but they perform better in mud and snow.

Where Do All-Terrain Tires Work Best?
While all-terrain tires are useable in several circumstances, they excel in a few instances. In the long-haul example, all-terrain tires are an excellent alternative for a flotation-sized tire. Furthermore, these tires can provide excellent driving performance on lightly snowed roads. This tire is suitable for off-road driving but is not ideal for muddy roads.

Are All-Terrain Tires Make Noise?
For road use, all-terrain tires are usually intended to be reasonably quiet. They won’t be as quiet as a standard all-season tire for the street, but they’ll be quieter than mud-terrain tires. If low noise levels are crucial, look for a less aggressive tread pattern. But in this case, you will lose some off-road driving performance if you do this.

How to Choose the Best All-Terrain Tire?
Look for a radial all-terrain tire with three-ply sidewalls for the best all-terrain tire sidewall longevity. Some all-terrain tires also include customized two-ply sidewalls with a stronger weave or unique materials which are more puncture resistant than standard two-ply sidewalls.

Final Thought
If you want a quiet driving experience, the Toyo Open Country AT3 is ready to give you a noise-free driving performance. BFGoodrich’s All-Terrain T / A KO2 is your best bet if you wish for excellent off-road skills.

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