Pennzoil Ultra Platinum vs Mobil 1

If you are reading this article, you will definitely look for the perfect motor oil for your car engine. No problem. Here we have got two branded and durable motor oil for your car engine. Have a look at this comparative discussion to pick up the perfect one.

Pennzoil Ultra Platinum vs Mobil 1 Table

For finding a better one from two or more options, you have to go through the comparison between them. Otherwise, you won’t be able to get the favorable one as they have both pros and cons.

Pennzoil Ultra Platinum

Mobil 1

Viscosity Grade 0w-40

Viscosity Grade 0w-20

Made From Natural Gas

Made From Crude Oil

15000 Miles Between Oil Change

20000 Miles Between Oil Change

Delivers Unsurpassed Sludge Protection

Prevent Damaging Deposits And Sludge Buildup

Keeps Pistons Dramatically Cleaner Than Required

Meets ILSAC GF-6 Standards to help provide low-speed pre-ignition

Formulated To Provide Faster Low-temperature Oil Flow

Provides Excellent Internal Engine Heat Protection

Suitable For All Car, SUV, Light Van, Truck Gasoline And Turbocharged Engines

Recommended in 2005 Jetta 2.5l 5cyl, Toyota RAV4 2007,2006 Infiniti G35 100k

Helps To Protect Engines From Loss Of Power

Helps To Protect Critical Engine Parts

Why Compare

Pennzoil Ultra Platinum and Mobil 1 ruled the automotive industry for years due to having eye-catching features. People are finding these two as effective and durable motor oils. So, a comparison should be created between these two to find out the best one for your car.

Features of Pennzoil Ultra Platinum

Efficiency depends upon the ratio of input and output energy given and obtained from the engine. By using Pennzoil Ultra Platinum, your car engine will be able to burn the oil easily and will convert chemical energy into mechanical energy more. For this, your vehicle will perform more and thus increase the efficiency of your car engine more.

Made From Natural Gas:

Pennzoil Ultra Platinum is the first synthetic motor oil made from natural gas. The other motor oils are generally made from available crude oil. But Pennzoil is the first company to produce motor oil from natural gas more accurately. So, no comparison with this oil with others in this sector.

Friction Reduction:

As a synthetic and smooth motor oil, the Pennzoil Ultra Platinum reduces the metal to metal friction of the car engine. During the mechanism of the car, the parts of the engine start to collide with each other. As a result, decaying occurs, which badly affects the lifetime of the car engine. By using Pennzoil Ultra Platinum, the oil will be smoother, and the friction will be reduced. Thus, the lifetime of the car engine will be increased.

Extra Performance:

Usually, the conventional motor oils freeze at low temperatures, and thus, the car engine gets clogged, resulting in impaired performance. But using the Pennzoil Ultra Platinum, your engine will perform more in extreme weather conditions than during the use of conventional motor oils. It is because the exclusive features of the Pennzoil Ultra Platinum get your car engine more active in extreme weather. As a result, you will get more performance.

Pros of Pennzoil Ultra Platinum

  • Remove dirt from the engine.
  • Works better at low temperatures.
  • Protects cars from engine wear.
  • Resists being overheated.
  • Ensure the high performance of the vehicle.

Cons of Pennzoil Ultra Platinum

  • Can’t be used in diesel engines.
  • May not be preferable with high tech engines.

Features of Mobil 1

As Mobil 1 is the number one motor oil used throughout the world, it has more durability than the other motor oils. You can go up to 20000 miles with your car between the oil changes. As a synthetic motor oil, it significantly increases the durability of the car engine.

World-Renowned Brand:

Mobil 1 is widely recognized as the best automotive product provider by users. In every country, they have earned enormous popularity for their extraordinary features.

Fuel Economy:

You can go up to 20000 miles between the oil changes by using Mobil 1. The fuel economy of Mobil 1 is much better than any other motor oils available in the automotive industry. The car engine can easily afford the Mobil 1 motor oil, increases the mechanism and dramatically reduces the friction within the car engine. As a result, the engine gets more durable and gives a better fuel economy.

Cleaning Ability:

The Mobil 1 motor oil can keep the piston more clear. Usually, conventional motor oils contain more contaminant particles which are a serious threat to the car engine. So, using Mobil 1 with the traditional fuel will keep the piston clean, and the engine will perform more.

Wear Protection:

As synthetic oil lasts longer than conventional motor oils and resists breakdown better than regular motor oils, it gives more wear protection to your car engine.

Pros of Mobil 1

  • Eco-friendly.
  • Faster oil flow.
  • Prevents conventional fuel from freezing.
  • Full synthetic.
  • Works better at high temperatures.

Cons of Mobil 1

  • Not recommended to use in aviation engines.
  • Can’t be used in diesel engines.

Can I use Pennzoil Ultra Platinum in a Ferrari f12?
Yes, you can. But it would be better to ask a service provider of the Ferrari before using it.

Will there be any effect on mixing Pennzoil Ultra Platinum with the older ones?
No, you can simply mix up the Pennzoil Ultra Platinum with its older versions.

Are these two approved of VW 507?
Pennzoil Ultra Platinum isn’t approved of VW 507. But Mobil 1 is backed by it.

Which one between Pennzoil Ultra Platinum and Mobil 1 is the best?
The comparative discussion is given above. Hopefully, you can find a favorable one.

Can I use Mobil 1 in a 2005 Jetta 2.5l 5cyl?
Yes, you can. Before better, you can contact the service provider of Jetta.

How many miles will Mobil 1 last?
That depends on the abuse. Generally up to 20000 miles.


Both Pennzoil Ultra Platinum and Mobil 1 are top quality products in the automotive industry, as you have seen in the comparison chart. Finally, the decision will depend on you, which one you will prefer between the Pennzoil Ultra Platinum and Mobil 1.

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