Valvoline Vs Castrol Synthetic Oil

Are you looking for better lubrication? Here you have got two choices with some unique features. Valvoline synthetic blend motor oil and Castor synthetic motor oil are especially recommended for you to use in your car or pickup. So, don’t delay to save your vehicle by better lubrication.

Valvoline Vs Castrol Table

Both are popular brands of synthetic oil, but which one is better? We will explore that question in this table. First, we’ll take a closer look at what each brand has to offer. Then we’ll compare their prices and see how they stack up against each other. Finally, we will give you our opinion on which product is best for your vehicle!



Viscosity Grade SAE 5W-30

Viscosity Grade SAE 5W-30

Full Synthetic

Full Synthetic

Offers Better Fuel Economy

Provides Good Fuel Economy

Protection Up To 7500 Miles With Full Performance 

Protection Up To 15000 Miles Between Oil Changes

Efficiency To The Vehicle Engine Up To 95% 

Efficiency To The Vehicle Engine Up To 97%

Designed For Any Gasoline Engine

Not Made For All Gasoline Engines

Exceed the Requirements of API SN Standard

Exceed the Requirements of Dexos 1 Standard

2x Times More Protection Against Viscosity Breakdown Than Other Conventional Motor Oils

3x Times More Protection Against Viscosity Breakdown Than Other Conventional Motor Oils

 Best For Hardworking Cars, Trucks And SUVs

Preferable with Toyota RAV4 , Nissan XTERRA

Have Extra Detergents Help Fight Sludge And Deposits

1.4X Better Sludge Protection

Provide 50% More Wear Protection Than Others

6x Better Wear Protection

Why Compare?

An honest comparison chart always helps the reader to choose the perfect option from multiple options. You will be able to know about the appropriate motor oil that your vehicle especially needs. Otherwise, you will not get a fruitful result if you cannot provide the preferable one. So, let’s dive into this comparison table.

Feature of Valvoline

The high mileage of a vehicle depends upon the motor oil that is used in it. Typically, an average of 10000 to 12000 miles is considered as a good mileage of a vehicle. However, the Valvoline synthetic blend motor oil provides the engine with smoother fuel, and so the engine can perform more than the desired output. As a result, the high mileage of your vehicle can be ensured by using the Valvoline synthetic blend motor oil.

Engine Wear Reduction

One crucial factor that happens to a vehicle is engine wear. Most of the engine wear occurs in the first twenty minutes of warm-up of a vehicle engine. This significantly reduces the performance of the vehicle engine, which may not give you good feedback. The Valvoline synthetic blend motor oil tremendously reduces the engine wear.

Friction Reduction

The Valvoline synthetic blend motor oil can reduce the metal to metal part friction in the vehicle engine. The reason behind this is the lack of smoothness of the fuel. Containing 5W-30 viscosity, the Valvoline synthetic blend motor oil is partially thicker than the other conventional motor oils, making the fuel smoother than the previous state and thus reducing the friction within the engine parts.

Better Cleaning Ability

Conventional motor oils contain various unwanted substances which are harmful to the engine. The Valvoline synthetic blend motor oil removes the dirt, oxidized oil etc., from the motor fuel and keeps the piston cleaner.

Pros of Valvoline

  • Resists from freezing at low temperatures.
  • Ensures high mileage.
  • Maintains fuel efficiency throughout the lifetime.
  • Removes dirt from the fuel.
  • Makes the fuel smoother.

Cons of Valvoline

  • Price may not be affordable to customers

Feature of Castrol

Usually, in high temperatures, the oil particles break down and at low temperatures, those particles freeze. This makes the usual oil flow abnormal, as a result of which the engine malfunctions. However, the Castrol oil flows faster in every circumstance, and thus the engine performs more.


The Castrol full synthetic motor oil is produced by the Castrol company, one of the world’s largest automotive product providers. They have different versions of the motor oils providing various features. GTX, Edge are such versions of the Castrol motor oil.

Sludge Protection

The vehicle piston needs to be clean for giving a better performance. The dirt coming with the fuel stays at the piston of the engine. These semi-solid sludge can be removed using the Castrol synthetic motor oil. Thus, the piston will be cleaner, and you will get good feedback.

Full Synthetic oil

Synthetic oils are the purest motor oils because they are refined by a human being from crude oil or natural gas. The synthetic oils are smoother and dense, mixing up with conventional motor oils and making synthetic blends. As Castrol oil is synthetic, you can have your trust in this oil.

Pros of Castrol

  • Helps in preventing the engine from being clogged.
  • Gives enhanced filtration.
  • Enhance the maximum performance of your engine.
  • Formulated with advanced technology.
  • It contains additives that help in better filtration.
  • Provides better efficiency to the engine.

Cons of Castrol

  • Not recommended for all gasoline engines.

Is Valvoline Synthetic Blend Motor Oil Better Than Castrol Full Synthetic Motor Oil?

The answer will differ from various persons. These two motor oils are better on entirely different sides. To find the answer, this article is here. You have to find out the better one.

What Is Synthetic Blend Motor Oil And Synthetic Motor Oil?

The synthetic blend motor oil is a mixture of conventional motor oil and synthetic base stocks. And synthetic motor oil is the oil refined from crude oil or natural gas, and this synthetic oil is the purest in the automobile industry.

Is Valvoline Synthetic Blend Motor Oil Preferable To A Mazda Cx-5?

As a Mazda CX-5 uses SAE 5W-30 motor oil, then you can use the Valvoline synthetic blend motor oil in your vehicle. But it is better to be sure about the demand of your engine.


Next time when you buy any of the motor oils, first know about the specific needs your vehicle lacks. Purchasing and using random motor oil will not give good lubrication; thus, your engine lifetime will decrease gradually. So, now the choice is yours.

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