Mastercraft Courser AXT vs Cooper Discoverer AT3 Tire

Want a better treadwear rating for your vehicle tire along with better traction? Then you are in the right place. This article will show you two branded tires with higher treadwear ratings and traction abilities. The Mastercraft Courser ATX and Cooper Discoverer AT3 are quite known to us all. But what are the unknown facts about these two? Let’s discover those unknowns.

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Almost all of the customers who usually buy the vehicle tires for their vehicle are not well concerned about the demands of their vehicle. Suppose you usually drive on the snow road and own such a tire which is extremely efficient in dry traction. Then you will not get the desired performance from that tire. For this reason, to get you acknowledged about the preconditions before selecting the tires for your vehicle, this comparison chart is given.

Courser AXT

Discoverer AT3

Tire Size 265/70R17

Tire Size 265/70R17

Load Capacity 2679 Pound

Load Capacity 2679 Pounds

Rim Size 17 Inches

Rim Size 17 Inches

Good For Daily Riders But Not For Mud Roads

Excellent For Off Road Riding Performance

In Any Road On Any Weather

Better Dry Traction

Excellent Wet Traction

Treadwear Warranty Protection Of 55000 Miles

Treadwear Protection Up To 60000 Miles

The Courser Technology Quieter Journey In Tough Terrain

Whisper Groove Technology Used In It Reduces Road Noise Greatly

Tooth Like Grooves Prevents The Tire From Chipping By Stones

The Extended Grooves Added In It Removes Dirt Easily

Preferable For Mazda B4000, Mitsubishi Montero, SUV, Light Pickup Trucks

Preferable For Nissan Titan, Gmc Sierra, Pickup Truck, SUV

Features of Mastercraft Courser ATX

The Mastercraft Courser ATX tire is especially capable of providing better performance on dry surfaces. Usually, during the summer season, the road surfaces become drier, and the tires lose their gripping ability on that surface. The Mastercraft Courser ATX tire will be a better choice in this case.

M+S Rated Performance

This tire provides enhanced performance by providing an M+S rating. The tire is reasonable for getting the higher speed of the vehicle. For getting higher speed in your vehicle in the terrain you drive, you can afford this tire.

Stronger Armor Ribs

This is a highlighted feature of this vehicle tire. This design is added for ensuring the highest gripping ability possible in most of the terrain. In addition, the armor ribs are very much durable and capable of providing better gripping and preventing from being cut by any sharp or solid substances.

Quiet Performance

If you usually drive in the highway or rough surfaces, you have obviously experienced and irritated the noise produced during driving. This noise is the friction between the tire and the road surface. The Mastercraft Courser ATX tire surprisingly decreases the riding noise and ensures quiet driving for you.


  • Preferable for on-road traction.
  • Gives better dry performance.
  • The grooves are capable of better gripping.
  • Masterclass masculine design for the aesthetic drivers.
  • Gives upto 50k miles of tread performance.


  • The off-road traction is not up to the mark complained by sons users.

Features of Cooper Discoverer AT3

Cooper tire company specially designed the Cooper Discoverer AT3 tire for providing a better driving experience in all-terrain. Most of the tires are made for specific terrains. So, if you need to drive on the highway and off roads, you can afford this tire to get better performance.

Wet Performance

During the rainy season, the roads become slippery, and the water fills up the grooves of the road. However, the Cooper Discoverer AT3 tire is capable of good gripping on wet roads.

Stone Retention

The off roads contain particles like stone, dust, etc., making the vehicle more difficult to drive on these roads. In addition, the stone retention decreases the durability and lifetime of the tire. The Cooper Discoverer AT3 tire prevents stone retention significantly and thus increases the lifespan of the tire.

Aggressive Shoulder Design

The Cooper Discoverer AT3 tire looks decent and fashionable. The aggressive shoulder design used in it reflects masculinity more and provides the perfect spinning ability to the tire. As a reason, a good speed rating can be ensured by this tire.


  • It contains a self-cleaning ability that removes the dirt that gets attached to it.
  • Better traction on the wet surface.
  • Provides better gripping on all surfaces.
  • Quiet performance on the highway.
  • Preferable for all-terrain.


  • The price is maybe a little bit more expensive than the other standard tires in the market.

Where Are The Tires of the Mastercraft Courser ATX Made?

The tires of the Mastercraft brand are made in some countries of North America, Latin America, Europe and Asia. For this reason, the Mastercraft Courser ATX tire belongs to any countries of these mentioned continents. Basically, in the United States and China, these tires are produced.

Is Mastercraft Courser ATX an All-terrain Tire?

The Mastercraft Courser ATX tire is made for providing quiet and fast driving on the roads and dry surfaces. But it may give good performance in other terrains.

In which Terrain will the Cooper Discoverer AT3 Give Better Performance?

The Cooper Discoverer AT3 tire is made for providing better performance in all-terrain. Whether the surface is wet or snow-filled, this tire will perform better.


That’s it. Already you have Known about the similarities, dissimilarities, pros, and cons along with the additional features of these two vehicle tires. So, the next time when you will proceed to buy any other tires for your vehicle, don’t forget to compare those tires with your preferable ones. We hope you the best to find the preferable one for your vehicle from these two.

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